My Bloggin Family!

Hey everyone! I've thined out some people in my blog family and added new ones so be sure to check that out. I'm also working on adding new things to the sidebar and yes dare I say even posting some more creative writing on my Writer's Corner. All tenative at the moment. I just wanted to take a few moments to introduce you to two new people to my blogging family.

Cassandra and I went to the same church in highschool. We became fast friends relishing in the same styles of music and just really connecting on a whole number of things. She is still to this date one of the dearest people in my life. We have had some hard times, and both our lives have taken some twists and turns we never anticipated, but in the end we have remained true and solid friends. She has a beautiful daughter Jasmine, and I'm blessed beyond measure to have been there for the birth of this treasure and light. I was also equally delighted to see that Cassie had a blog. I think you all will love drop by and check her out...she also does some IMing for those that do that sort of thing, so maybe you can catch her online!

For as long as I can remember my heart and soul has had a very deep connection to the Catholic faith. It is a solid part of my heritage and in the end I have a great love and respect for the rich traditions and devout commitment to this faith. I happened to run across this blog on a random search and truly fell in love with what Deacon Sal has to say, his words always resonate with me. I think you would also get a blessing on what he has to say.

(Well, fokes...I haven't done much work to speak of at work so I need to get back to it. If you could just pray over the next two days concerning work...I have a huge event on Saturday that I'm dreading and I really want God's hand in it that it may go smoothly. Thanks and take care!)


Pilot Mom said…
Melissa, I am praying. Be sure to let us know how it all turns out. Blessings...
~Kat said…
Melissa - let us ditch work and school and go live off of Gayla's hospitality for a week or so :) what say you?
Melissa said…
Thanks Pilot Mom...I will...Let's do Kat...I'm packing my bags...lets go!!!
Gayla said…
Whew! I'm just glad I made the cut! :)

You guys come on down. You're ALWAYS welcome.

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