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An Unveiling Change (Unveiled Beauty)

I’m in a valley tucked in-between two mountain ranges. Lavender, with its clean laundered sent, stretches as far as the eye can see. I run calloused hands over tender bud.  Walking up the hill, I see the expanse of the valley wide. The edge of night lightens to purple. The mountains are stoic, as if taking in a deep breath before glorious waking sigh. The sun crests – burning amber. The rich colors streak across the sky, deepening everything in a warm blanket. As light dances higher, life opens. Birds call to another; sing-song and playful. Field mice, hares, chipmunks peak out of holes and boroughs. Deer languish on moss kissed by morning dew. Daisies open, turning face toward sun proudly extending tiny peddles toward warmth & life. Jesus whispers in my ear, “This is what I have for you!” … Oh, Wondrous Soul, change is a many splendored thing. Clich├ęs can make the word feel monstrous. There is nothing to fear. We all experience its effect, as tide to the moon.