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Remnant of Hope...tiny steps toward healing change!

Hadassah: “What hope, Mark? What hope is there?” Mark: “ God always leaves a remnant.” -A Voice in the Wind, Mark of the Lion series; Francine Rivers
remnant:           n. a small remaining quantity of something           adj. remaining
          My precious friend, Abby imbued me with a frame to fill with purpose for 2017. What I will embrace, engage in, be, believe, break free from, do daily, let go of, learn from, live by, give, and how I will grow. It sits at my desk as a daily reminder. My pastor touched on how women seek the ideal in every situation. In a biblical God given capacity it can be a treasure, but it also can be a hindrance that leads to sin. I had such a beautiful ideal for 2017. The start was filled with potholes that left me a bit bereft with a twisted ankle and need for a dark room and copious amounts of sugar. I felt aimless and without purpose. I knew there was more, but God’s more wasn’t matching with my ideal. It wasn’t fitting into what I had pictured.