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The Forest for the Tree!

I planted it, I watered it and fertilized it, tended and prooned it, encouraged it to grow, asked the Son to bless it and shine down upon it and now the mass of it and the darkness from its shade is blinding me from soaking up the Son. This tree of my own desires, my own ambitions, my own selfish thoughts, my frustration of how my life is going, not giving credit to God when it is SOOO do...triveling over the little things...making mountains out of mole hills. It's time to get the chain saw and do some demolition. God is the only one who can come down and do it. It's to great a mess. The leaves litter the ground and, though I try, I don't have enough trash bags to haul them off in. I'm itchin' for something wonderful, something fantastic, an adventure. I'm seeing people go through real struggle and trial with the grace of God coursing through their veins, it makes my piddly little issues so small in comparison. I've been magnifying them. Oh, what a Kingdom

Yahweh Show Me the Kingdom!

Where I'm at now? I’m feeling like the skin doesn’t quite fit. It feels a little tight around the middle, a little cutting and binding. I wish to loose the binds that tie me down and run free…naked in wild flowers. I’m struggling with ordinary and searching for extraordinary, seeking the adventure in the ordinary is so hard sometimes. It traps and binds and makes you feel you are in a repetitive cycle that will surely never end. I’ll admit I’ve been living in my own little campground in my mind. However, my minds walls no longer seem as safe or trustworthy as they once were. The fa├žade is surely beginning to crumble and the Son’s light seems to be peaking through and piercing something deep, scattering the darkness that lies within this hallowed ground. The damage I see is raw and painful and frustrating. It is a realization of the Kingdom I have tried to build on His foundation. I have tried to squeeze His will comfortably into my life, when what He has asked of me is to fit my li

Little Bits of Heaven

Did you know that we are “little bits of heaven” right here on earth? We fill the Lord with glory and wonder. We as Christians are truly an enigma, a marvel, something to wonder over. We are cracked vessels that allow His glorious light to shine threw. After all the glory of God is man fully alive. I have to admit I haven’t been alive these last few weeks, maybe even months. Come on, let’s dust off our jar, stoke the fire, and let the flame burst into glorious brilliance. Let’s show the world that we are truly “little bits of heaven”, cherished gems that reflect the brilliance and majesty of our Savior.