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Ponderings, Floodplains, & Rest...

A  flood plain  is an area of land that is prone to flooding. People realize it is prone to flooding because it has flooded in the past due to a river or stream overflowing its banks. A flood plain  usually is a flat area with areas of higher elevation on both sides… I am struck by this imagery. An area of land that is prone to flooding, its landscape ever changing – washed away and consistently made new. The pain and destruction are great. It would be easier to move to higher ground where stability is a bit more certain. Yet, the elegance of change always makes life more appreciable. As Sara Groves sings in her title track, “some hearts are built on the floodplain”… In 2015, I have seen more sorrow than joy. There have been more sharp edges than soft. My heart has quivered underneath emotions of doubt, insecurity, anger, apathy, hurt, and desolation. It has truly been an odd broken 12 months and, I must say, I am tickled pink to see this year in my rearview mirror. I