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In Memory of Brandon!

He was an amazing spirit with an amazing outlook on life...and he will be missed deeply. I love you Brandon and may God and the angels keep you.
I share this with those that are left behind...

SHATTEREDfor those left behind

If I could I would walk in front of you with the lantern of hope to guide the way and lead you to a place just over the hill where the trees of peace and comfort grow, and say here they are ripe and ready to be picked take as much as you need

walk along the streams of joy and drink the cool water of assurancelaughter and happiness are there!

If I could I would walk behind you, picking up the shattered pieces of your heart and with the thread of love stitch it back together with such care that you would barely notice a piece missing.

If I could I would walk beside youmy left hand holding yours, my right hand stretched toward Heaven so you could see him there and whisper I love you!

I would say I'm sorry, but those words would only ring hallow, for I do not understand t…

Miss You...

I miss you guys and there is a lot to tell. I'm coming up on vacation so hopefully I'll be able to write a little more and be able to share what's going on. Anything really awesome going on in your world? I hope to drop by your blogs as well. Hugs and much love...

I wish all of us could sit out on the front porch w/ sweet tea and sweet memories looking over rolling hills just spending time together.

Life is's crazy...told my parents Sunday...

I'm feeling sort of lost in it all. Just pray God will take me through the right steps!