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Laughing at God!

Oh the sweet lessons of God! There are moments that stagger. I am undone at how our precious Jesus continually displays His inestimable character and wondrous heartbeat for His children. There is a crucial difference in living and serving if a dream does not become reality and laughing at the thought of God providing a blessing beyond, what you deem, your zenith. I am more careful and cautious in my reverence of His will over my life. I am learning to carve out hallowed spaces and kneel barefoot on holy ground before Him. The lesson He taught has ushered me into a season of rejoicing.
I wish we were all sitting around the campfire at this moment. I would love to share this story amidst wood smoke, roasted marshmallows, and amber glow. The stories we could weave and spin. I have a feeling there would be great rejoicing over what God is doing in our lives. In fact, as I type, a thought came to mind – share your ‘campfire story’. If you blog about it make sure that you tag me so I can sha…