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Making Mud Pies with Jesus!

Amy found a video I had posted of Steven when I still worked for the Scalf’s. I had forgotten about that day. We had done an experiment with food coloring, vinegar, and baking soda. A bit overstimulated Steven took the level of fun up a notch. It was as equally beautiful as it was messy. I remember, even at the time, I  didn't  think that it was extreme. It was, well, just Steven. I like the struggle. I might not exactly enjoy the moment to moment battle, but the struggle is life preserving. What I do not like is to feel numb. The numbing fills me with utter dread. It turns me to a pillar of salt. Animated limbs, automatic motion; like a zombie whose sole purpose is to consume. And consume I have; copious amounts of food, television, thoughts, books, work. Yet, I have kept Him one arm’s length away. My job at the Hope Lodge is a ministry, there is no other way one could do the job I do. Yet, it has become a consuming centrifugal force pulling me away from my true center. A