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29 & Content!

I know I know, I said that I would do my second half of San Diego, but I'm on my Dad's laptop downstairs and the San Diego piece is saved on my computer and not yet finished :)

29 and content. Today I turned 29 years old. How wonderful is that? I feel so much more like a woman. I'm excited about my 30s. I can live more content, more in my skin, less burdened by the frets that I carried from my teen years. It was like each year of my 20s I came more into myself. I began to discover more facets of myself that I really enjoyed. I delight in the thought of discovering more of God, loving harder, living richer, striving, bleeding, that wonderful thing we call life abundant.

I do not fear the last year of my 20s. I don't feel like I'm giving up anything. Let those years die, let's bury them deep, let the maggots eat them burning them to ash. I want to learn from them, but I'm ready to embrace the next 10 years. I want to embrace my woma…

Pen to Parchment!

My hands are trembling/tingling as I begin to write this. It has been too long since I’ve poured out my thoughts into a blog. I was talking with someone the other day about what I was planning to do with the rest of my life, and I said, “I think God wants me to write fiction for a living.” I started to think about that in great depths and realized that I haven’t written anything in months. The last thing I wrote was forced. I was attempting to be obedient to the Lord and submit a work of fiction to a writing contest, which I did. (I have gotten the results of that contest by the way, and I did not win. There is a link to that story at the bottom of this post.) It was such a strained and unpleasant experience, and that saddens me. I used to LOVE to write. The thoughts could not come fast enough. I would blog every single day about God, life, love, friends, etc… I also delighted in writing fiction.

My most joyful experience was re-writing one of my Christmas stories a few years ago “An A…