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Tethered to His Mast: Part 2: Lighthouses!

39 Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm. - Mark 4:39

I am comfy. There is Mint Chocolate Truffle Tea in my Clark County Public Library mug. I have my stretchy bleached brown pants, x-large t-shirt, and my hot pink fuzzy slippers on. I couldn’t wait to run the errands I had after work, eat dinner, and settle into my computer nook. There is so much to tell. My heart bleeds – open wide to this journey. I am accepting who I am. I am learning, in humility, that God has purposed me to be love, grace, and hope to those around me.

If you are willing, sit back and come along with me on this journey. The dark is ominous, the waves are tempestuous – danger and wonder rolled into one, but in the distance there is a beacon: a light that cuts through the darkness…
I have always felt ‘not enough’. It is a sad thing to admit, but oh so true. I have felt not pretty enough, not smart enough, not important enough, not go…

Tethered to His Mast: Part One: So This is JOY!

“There is faith that in the midst of the setbacks, God is setting up everything for the comeback of your joy.” – Ann Voskamp
It was early afternoon when I pulled the weathered journal I had been keeping since 2005 out of my suitcase. I sat on the couch to journal about the night before. Sophie came over, eager, entreating to know what I held in my hand. I began to share my journey with this beautiful leather bound journal. As I turned the pages I showed her the different things I had written: prayers to God, letters I couldn’t send, things I hadn’t shared with anyone else. She was fascinated. Sophie is a gifted writer. She weaves magic into her storytelling. She has already developed a cadence that is all hers. I cannot wait to see what she does with her writing in the future. It was a gift to share my journal with her. It was a gift to take pen to parchment. This was something I had not done in quite some time.
I have just brewed a pot of Indian Shores Coffee in my stovetop percolator.…