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Riding Through This World!

There are very few truly compelling TV shows out there anymore. Even those that get a lot of buzz seem to be missing that one vital piece of the puzzle. It’s great television, riveting even, with a whole lot of character driven moments, but it misses the heart as a whole. It plays to what the audience will like, not what the audience needs.
When I first started watching “Sons of Anarchy” I would have never thought it would quickly become one of my favorite shows. It truly is a show that goes against the norm & gives the audience what it needs.
The strong plot, family ties, & rich characters make this world come alive for me. The creator, writers, directors, actors that bring this piece together are so talented that the journey to becoming deeply invested in those living in Charming is easy.
Gemma, Gemma, Gemma…is the second reason I stay glued in. Well, really all the strong female characters. The strength, heart, & fierce love these women have, with all their faults & …

The Mystery!

I see my faith before me
It’s always there before me
And I can no more own it
Than I can own the road that I am on.

I don’t know where it leads me
I don’t know where it leads me
Peace and resurrection
Suffering and dejection
I don’t know.

And my body’s tired
From trying to bring you here.
And my brow is furrowed
Trying to see things clear.

So I’ll turn my back to the black
And fall
And wait for the mystery
To rise up and meet me.

-Mystery, Sara Groves

There is a distinct reason why this brilliant woman is one of my favorite artists. She has a genuine and simply honest vulnerability that cuts to the core of who I am. Her music is like a bond of hope and purpose to my ever cracking alabaster.
These last few months, to say the least, have been extremely painful for me. I’ve struggled with the who’s, the why’s, the “my faults” of it all. I desperately try to grasp hold with tangible hands to fix the order that inevitably keeps slipping out of my control. The art of truly letting go, surrender, still eludes…