Riding Through This World!

There are very few truly compelling TV shows out there anymore. Even those that get a lot of buzz seem to be missing that one vital piece of the puzzle. It’s great television, riveting even, with a whole lot of character driven moments, but it misses the heart as a whole. It plays to what the audience will like, not what the audience needs.

When I first started watching “Sons of Anarchy” I would have never thought it would quickly become one of my favorite shows. It truly is a show that goes against the norm & gives the audience what it needs.

The strong plot, family ties, & rich characters make this world come alive for me. The creator, writers, directors, actors that bring this piece together are so talented that the journey to becoming deeply invested in those living in Charming is easy.

Gemma, Gemma, Gemma…is the second reason I stay glued in. Well, really all the strong female characters. The strength, heart, & fierce love these women have, with all their faults & mistakes exposed is something I haven’t seen on television.

The characters in general are what compel me. These are real people - in every sense of the word. I can believe these individuals exist.

Being a great lover of dialect, I love the way language is used. I love, whether it is purposed or not, how each character uses his/her voice. It is like a fine tuned orchestra. 

I think a lot of times characters often become caricatures. Just when I think I’ve gotten someone figured out on Sons I’m surprised. I think Tig is one of my most loved characters for this reason alone. The way he interacted with his daughter in the last episode made me cry. I don’t think in season one I would have ever expected for the loving & gentle heart of Tig to make me cry, but that is the beautiful part of this show. You’re dealing with the good, bad, ugly, beautiful, scary, heartfelt, deceitful, loving, harshly breathtaking complexity of the human spirit. We aren’t one thing. We are deep, complex, & often unfathomable. Usually, just when you think you have figured out a person they will surprise you.

The use of music in this show can sometimes take my breath away. It layers the emotion in a way that is deeply heartbreaking & moving. It is almost more than I can bear. I love when an artist in film or television can marry an actor’s performance with the perfect song. It is evident that painstaking care is given to find songs that emote exactly what needs to be felt within that episode. It is by far the most riveting and simple tool & very few can do it with the eloquence of a subtle brush stroke.

Finally, I think Kurt Sutter is a huge part of why I love this show. If you manage to make me a fan of your work, you usually have me for life. So it is with Mr. Sutter. He has created a world of escape & genuine heart. Yes, I have to admit, there is a bit of a crush there. It is like the line in the movie “In America” where Paddy Considine’s character is asking Djimon Hounsou’s character if he is in love with his wife. Hounsou’s character responds with, “no, I’m in love with you!” He goes on to say that he is in love with him, his wife, and his two beautiful children. He is in love with anything that has life! (I’m paraphrasing a lot!). So it is with the SOA family.

This show came to me in happenstance, but I am eternally grateful that it did. Thank you to each individual that is involved with the making of this amazing work of art. You not only give us one hell of a ride, but generous doses of heart, humor, & hope. Thank you for portraying complex fallible characters that make real mistakes with real consequences. You have woven a wonderful tapestry. I cannot wait to look back on the finished work.

SOA for LIFE!!!

PS…Katey Sagal, you have shown ALL of us what you can do!


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