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The Etching of a Friend!

There are individuals in this world that get me, I mean really get me. When I ramble or complain or say nothing, they understand! When I’m around these individuals we tend to skip the surface of pleasantries and instantly go deep to the root. It’s rich, powerful, almost too much. This is a vulnerable place to be, having someone know you that deeply, but what a rich and intoxicating thing to have. To be wanted and valued…that your pains, hurts, joys, laughter, tears are all important. In the conversations you share you are changing the world because changes take place within you and the person you are with. My fear sometimes gets the better of me and I miss out on these precious moments.

It doesn’t take very long to etch out what true friendship is. It’s saying you are the most important thing to me right now, I’m making a Heaven memory right this moment with you. There is a choice to laugh, cry, curse, praise, to get to those hard to reach and painful layers, those soul moments where …

An Artist's Blog...Delicious

FYI…Delicious is on of my most favorite descriptive words at the moment. So simple, yet really packs a punch.

I love to read a certain artist’s blog because, well, he is just too smart for his own good and I LOVE IT! Intelligence is a huge turn on for me and he has it in great abundance. I actually had to quell my heart quivers and face blushes for a time by not reading his blog J…more importantly he always compels me to write, big fat rich ideas flood to the surface and I grab my worn edged journal and begin quickly transcribing my flying thoughts on paper (at this appointed time in green ink.)

In no way do I want to transfer his thoughts into my blog, nor do I believe I can interpret them, but I would like to share some of the ideas he gave (to the best of my meager ability) and expound on my own. This is my blog! (Mwhahahahaahaahaa…haa! – maniacal laughing is long and gives you hand cramps!)

First, I enjoyed his thoughts very much. He is very prolific and I envision him being much li…