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Fixing My "want to"!

There is an aching mystery that comes with the complete surrender of ones will to God. I don’t think it comes easily or quickly. I am quite certain it never comes all at once or completely. We are innately selfish people. We hold things that we deem dear, white knuckled, afraid of losing our grasp on them. We have to have a daily dependence on God. It begins with fixing our ‘want to’!
We have to look to the foundation of anything that we hope to be lasting in our lives.God Almighty, in His great Sovereignty, has given us free will. It is a daily choice to choose Him. At times, it is a moment by moment choice. It is easy to be disappointed and discouraged. There are any number of individuals that are just waiting to let you down – whether intentional or not. There are any number of opportunities for us to fail at loving others and living from joy.
Let me give you an example from my own personal struggle with food. I grew up Southern Baptist. I attend a Southern Baptist Church today. We …

Losing My First Love & Other Black Hearted Discussions!

When I write, it is often out of desperation, to right the spinning in my head, settle my thoughts, & bring them around to God. I so often want to be an encourager, but when I put pen to parchment it is usually out of a deep need to spill out my shortcomings. There are times, when space allows, that my joy will overflow onto the page. I am grateful for those times. But, more often than not, when I sit down to blog it is from an aching need to be filled up by Him. In order to be filled I must spill out the dirt of my heart. So, with that said, I need to let go of some things…
I don’t have it all together. In fact, I am a deep and utter mess at times. I am self-serving in my actions. I have lost my first love.
Bro. Jesse talked about this very thing this past Wednesday night in our study of Revelation. The church at Ephesus was doing many great things. They were in the trenches of their community. They were serving the people of the community. They were zealous, patient, & ever wi…