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Anna's Candles: Let there be JOY!

“You thrill me, Lord, with all you have done for me! I sing for joy because of what you have done.” – Psalm 92:4 Anna took in an excited breath as Papa placed the warm wriggling pup with a bright red bow wrapped around its neck into her open arms. She wrapped her arms warm around, burying her face into soft fur and breathing deeply. Princess struggled, finding Anna’s face she placed puppy kisses all over the small child. “Papa, I…I thought I wasn’t old enough to have her,” Anna exclaimed between choked sobs. Papa scooped both pup and child into his strong arms, kissing blonde curls, “Mama, and I talked it over. We decided that if you loved her that she should be yours. We will help you care for her little one.” Mama stood in the doorframe wiping tears on her apron. She straightened, walking confidently to Anna and Papa. She placed her hand at the middle of Papa’s back, leaned her head against his shoulder so she might look at Anna’s eyes. Princess reached, giving Mama

Anna’s Candles: Love Warms You Through

  Potato peels sat in the sink. A big silver pot brimming with water and already sliced potatoes bubbled on the stove. The earthly starches filled the kitchen with warming comfort. SCReeeeetch! BAM! Thud…thud…thud… SCReeeetch! BAM! Thud…thud…thud… Mama stilled her hand, the blade of the knife she held barely sinking underneath the brown skin of another potato. “What on earth?” Mama had sent Anna up for her afternoon nap. The child was clearly not asleep… SCReeeeetch! BAM! Thud…thud…thud… Mama wiped her hands on a dish towel as she traversed the stairs and came to the threshold of her daughter’s door. The door swung easily on squeaky hinges as Mama pushed her way in peering at the site beneath its frame in wonder. “Anna Marie Sullivan, what do you think you are doing?” The child didn’t even flinch in fear, but kept her persistent tugging on the beautiful two storied dollhouse her Grandfather had made for her. Red faced and sweating, with her eyes scrun

Anna's Candles: Hope is like wanting a puppy!

  “I want a puppy!” Anna’s bare toes padded soft on the hardwood floor as she came through the dining room proclaiming her desire. Papa, warm in a flannel shirt, was fixing candles amidst a wreath atop the table. His strong arms stilled their effort, turning; he peered at Anna over spectacles he used for reading. “Anna! What are doing out of bed my sweet?” “Papa, I want a puppy!” “Yes child. I heard.” “Oh Papa, she is the most loveliest puppy! Mr. Ferguson said she was a cockroach panel. Mama and I spied her as we were heading to Maggie’s . I got the most beautiful dress; a blue velvet dress. Mama even got me white patented shoes to go with it.” “Anna,” Papa bent his large frame to match the four-year-old frame of his daughter, “first, I think you mean a Cocker Spaniel…” “That’s what I said,” Anna interjected, rocking back and forth on her tiny feet. “She is so pretty and perfect. I would take could care of her, might I have her?” “A puppy is a big respons