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I loved the sermon given to us last Sunday. The point of the message was, “Are you thankful for Him?” We often are thankful for all the things He gives us or provides us, especially in Western Theology, but are we thankful for the Giver of all these things. There is a beautiful song that I’ve searched for, but cannot seem to find, that says, “If He never does another thing for me, I’m going to serve Him, & praise Him…” Am I thankful for Him…that is a really excellent question? (One I’m still working on.)

But, in the midst of this Thankful Holiday I wanted to share my gratitude for the big and small things in my life ;)

1. I am so thankful for God’s Mercy…I act ‘unsaved’ most days, and I deserve a lot more punishment for my actions than I get. His justice & love truly go hand in hand. I am thankful for His love…despite me. His compassion and fearless pursuit of me & His desire to be near me…this reckless love is a deep & rich mystery…a miracle for which I am eternally …

A Fight for JOY!

I love Ransomed Heart Ministries. If you know me at all you know the impact that John Eldredge has had on my spiritual walk. He always has insight that brings me to a thoughtful, intimate place with Christ. I relish the monthly newsletter because I know I’m going to get fed.

I opened up September’s today (I am a little behind) & God gave me wisdom that I have been thinking on all day long.

He shared a personal story where he had prayed and waited for something for 15 years & he thought God was going to answer it the way he wanted & he didn’t! It hurt John’s heart & it made him question God & the power of prayer. He had felt like God was saying, “Yes!” & when it turned out he was wrong he was left feeling weak and bruised. He found it hard to pray…& then through dialogue with God he felt like God was saying…

“Every joy is deeply opposed!”

I was floored! As I finished reading the remainder of the newsletter I was floored again. I assumed that joy was a right. I a…