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I'm Still Here...

There is a great fear residing in my heart…what if God doesn’t show up when I seek Him! I’ve put Him through it…why does He still seek me and love me? His ways are TRULY not mine. I have to quit rationalizing Him in my finite mind when He is so infinite.

This VBS was probably one of the most AMAZING I’ve ever had. First, the material was sound and the backdrop was a Hawaiian theme, which I LOVED.

We learned that God was real and there was no other God, Jesus is God’s Son, Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven, the Bible is God’s Word, and our actions reflect what we believe. I had first and second graders. They were a treasure and taught me so much.

In my fear I’ve been procrastinating in my journey forward. There have been enough signals in my life that have shown I need to start taking that next step, but I feel like I’m hanging on a precipice. I’m terrified…which leads to old thoughts…which leads to sin. It’s easier said than done to take the plunge. My sister gave me this awesome quote by …