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Grace revisited...

There is grace in every moment. Everything is grace. It is a resounding theme. It speaks to the pain of this life. It is a candle in a darkened room. Grace meets me when I lay my head on my pillow. It meets me as I rise (& through the countless times I hit snooze). It holds my hand when the terrain gets steep & carries me when I can no longer walk. It was placed, free of charge, in my heart when I asked Jesus there. It was not for my glory, but for His. Grace speaks of God’s character. His love mines deep caverns. Trusting…trusting in His faithfulness. He is faithful, as with Abraham, to erase the blemishes, sin, & dark blackness replacing His seal of RIGHTEOUSNESS upon my heart. Knowing…there is a big difference in knowing about God & knowing God! Believing…believing that He speaks to me & desires me to know His will…to know Him as intimately as He knows me. I struggle holding tangibly to the Holy Spirit. This breath of God, intercessor, companion, indwel