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Nashville and Memphis Here I Come!

I'm going to see two of the most amazing people in the world this weekend. My sisters. I'm heading to Nashville tomorrow to visit my sister Meredith, w/ my Mom in toe. Michelle will be joining us as well. We are going to the Tim McGraw/ Faith Hill Concert on Saturday Night. Sunday we go with Michelle to her home, Memphis...can't wait, and stay until Wednesday. Then we come home, I wash, rest, and re-pack and head out that very Friday to go to Georgia to visit and bring back my Grandmother to Kentucky. So, needless to say I will be out of the blog world for awhile, but will get back as soon as I can. Love you all!

Just So You Know!

To my blog fam...I just want you to know that I read and appreciate every comment you send me. I may not always get to respond the way I want, but each comment fills my heart with so much joy. For those who wanted to know what the color is I used on my nails it is O.P. I. brand called Pompeii Purple of all things. And by the way it no longer looks pretty and is coming off tomorrow :( To Barbara, yes I do take good care of my hands and moisterize them daily! Claire, thank you for what you said on my last post. All of you have a lovely week, know I'm praying for you. Me!

My Last Day of Work....PARTY!

Yes! Yes! More Flowers!!! I am loved! My Assistant Manager and Friend Jill sent these to me on my last day of work...the card read "Good Luck on your last day of work! You are Smart, Funny, Pretty, and Nice! (which is our little saying!)...she is truly one of the greatest people in my life. It is those small acts of kindness that remind you of the measure of a person. So, yesterday was indeed my last day of work...PRAISE GOD!!!!! People asked me earlier if I would cry, I thought I really don't think I will. I actually couldn't stop smiling. It was the most wonderful day! Of course now I'm broke and jobless, but God will provide this is the next step on the journey and wherever it leads I will follow. I'm so excited about it in everyway. In the morning I listened to Audio Adrenaline on Jon and Sherry...I love those guys so much (like you can't tell :), then I completed all the parlaying of information to management and actually booked potentially three people

Pink Nail Polish On My Left Hand...Burn Down The House!

"...I've become accustomed to wearing nothing, but pink nail polish on my left hand!" - SheDaisy Giggles...when painting my nails this hot pink I kept thinking about this song, so I decided to take pics of my left hand and post them...why? Because there is nothing I wouldn't share with you guys. Want to know the rest of the lyrics view below other pic of ya, more substance to come...ha! ha! "Burn Down the House" By She Daisy Today I promise I'll never love you again I swear I'll care as little as I can 'Cause I've become accustomed to wearin' nothin' But pink nail polish on my left hand So many valuable lessons I learned from you Like forgiveness and breakin' hearts too Now that you're a goner in your honor More of the silence is the least I can do Cut the lines Blow up a few bridges Trim the fat Trim the grass Clean out the fridge Then sweep up the mess Put on my Sunday best And burn down the house Burn down the

Look What Was Waiting For Me When I Got Home...

...are they not BEAUTIFUL! I needed these so much. I have had the week from Hell last week. I had to make a personal and difficult confession to my manager and assistant manager at work. I had to apologize to a co-worker. I basically puffed myself up like a blowfish and had to wiggle like a worm. I have felt rotten about myself this week, and what I've realized is that every relationship I have ever had where I have cared for them in any amount I have hurt them is some form or fashion by my judgement. I am a judgemental person, God help me! I am! I totally react before I think it through, and taking it to God...please! It really kind of scared me look back on past co-depent relationships, relationships that I destroyed, relationships I could have destroyed but because this person loves me for who I am loved me enough anyway to say I'm sticking this through...I'm scared for Monday and what it will bring. I don't want things to be changed between these individuals and

I Need Some Skimming!

I've been nasty, unkind, full of self-righteous indignation, lazy, angry - so angry...I need to break some plates against a wall angry, just plain awful! I feel that a lot of junk has surfaced in my life and I just need God to do a big skimming! Would you please pray for me! I feel the ground slipping from beneath me...but PRAISE God He is washing those sandcastles away and I'm going to get to kneel on His foundation! He is good and worthy of praise!

Building Sancastles on His Foundation!

Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the Watchman stands guard in vain. In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat for He grants sleep to those he loves. –Psalm 127: 1-2 I’ve been building sandcastles on His foundation. Like a small child in yellow sundress and clear jelly shoes, pale and shovel in hand, I wobble my chubby legs down to the shoreline. Giggles escape from my mouth as the foamy water slips through my shoes and toes. Arching my little arm I plunge my plastic shovel deep into moist sand; chipped pink nail polish on tiny fingers gripping with all there might…shovel shovel shovel until the bucket is full! With both hands grasped tight on the handle, face scrunching up under the weight of it, tongue sticking out for balance I waddle back to a piece of Earth smooth and flat form the tides ebb and flow and begin work on my Masterpiece. Many more trips are made; pounds of wet sand are transpl

Happy Fourth of July!

This was on the back of our bulletin at church on Sunday and I just thought it would be an excellent way to say Happy Fourth of July! Enjoy... Flag Folding Ceremony Have you ever noticed the honor guard pays meticulous attention to correctly folding the United States of America Flag 13 times? You probably thought it was to symbolize the original 13 colonies, but we learn something new every day!... The flag folding ceremony represents the same religious principles on which our country was originally founded. The portion of the flag denoting honor is the canton of blue containing the stars representing the states our veterans served in uniform. The canton field of blue dresses from left to right and is inverted when draped as a pall on a casket of a veteran who has served our country in uniform. In the Armed Forces of the United States, at the ceremony of retreat the flag is lowered, folded in a triangle fold and kept under watch throughout the night as a tribute to our nation's h

Let us Pray for Our Country Together!


Sunshine's Wedding!

Left: Jill/ Middle: Me/ Right: Jennifer (If you are wondering why there are no pics of Sunny, well her nor any of the Muslim girls heads were covered, so no pics of them!!!) So, I just got back from my friend Sunshine's Wedding Reception! She is totally a big heap of Sunshine in my life... It was great...Sunny is Muslim and it was a Muslim celebration. Us girls hung out in one part of the Reception area and the boys in another. It was like a big Bachlorette party, but nothing that wild and crazy. The food was AWESOME! The seasoned lamb, chicken, rice, name it. I made a total pig of myself, what is new. The music was rich and as flavorful as the food. Sunshine twirled me around the dance floor and...well I can't dance one lick, but I love to...the music just has a rich rythm that makes your hips sway to the beat. It was a lot of fun. The most beautiful people I tell you. Those girls were gorgeous. I could have gobbled up the k

More Pics from the Wedding!

Left: Me / Right: Tarryn Left: Laura / Right: Me