Sunshine's Wedding!

Left: Jill/ Middle: Me/ Right: Jennifer
(If you are wondering why there are no pics of Sunny, well her nor any of the Muslim girls heads were covered, so no pics of them!!!)

So, I just got back from my friend Sunshine's Wedding Reception! She is totally a big heap of Sunshine in my life...

It was great...Sunny is Muslim and it was a Muslim celebration. Us girls hung out in one part of the Reception area and the boys in another. It was like a big Bachlorette party, but nothing that wild and crazy. The food was AWESOME! The seasoned lamb, chicken, rice, name it. I made a total pig of myself, what is new.

The music was rich and as flavorful as the food. Sunshine twirled me around the dance floor and...well I can't dance one lick, but I love to...the music just has a rich rythm that makes your hips sway to the beat. It was a lot of fun. The most beautiful people I tell you. Those girls were gorgeous. I could have gobbled up the kids running around...but I was to full ha! Sunny looked radiant! Full of life and glowing.

She is so young and I just wish her the best life has to offer. The great thing about Sunshine is that we are able to talk about our faith in such a real and honest way. I've encouraged her with scripture and love and hugs and all that great stuff. I have to sort of be careful with what I say about this because there are some people that read my blog from work...but I just ask you guys to pray for her and her new husband and their families...she blesses my heart more than you will ever know. A piece of me will always be just for Sunshine!

I probably made a complete fool of myself out on the dance floor, but ya know what I don't care one little was a rich wonderful experience and I'm so grateful that I got to have it.

Two and a half more weeks of work left. I'm starting to freak out...freak out I tell Pastor always says that you have to step out of the pew before God will give you grace...well I'm a steppin'... steppin' big time.
They are planning a party for me...a party for little ole me...and I think we might go dancing before that...::throws her hands up with great delight::...I feel so loved. I walked into the store tonight and about 10 people told me how nice I looked. I've been feeling so crappy about myself lately...the weight, the yuck factor. Why does fat equate to ugly???...I'm smart, funny, pretty, and nice I tell you...and I have a t-shirt to prove it...I really do!...But tonight I felt most beautiful, wanted and loved! God knew I needed it.
I guess I should probably get to bed soon, church is tomorrow...I get to play with the babies in the nursery and then I get to worship God, one of my most favorite things to do!!!

I love you all dearly. I'm sorry if this made no is a 11:45pm and I'm sort of an old woman who needs her rest. You guys take care. God bless and nighty...night!!!


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