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I Found Beauty in a Book of Cinderella Quotes!

I begin with " MY SUPPLICATION "! I had intended to write about something else. In fact, I had two other blog posts in mind before Sunday evening. I have been away from the quill and parchment. A layer of crust has formed over the inkwell. I read an old story I began more than five years ago. It was good. It had meat. By the end of the day, I come home, make dinner, and veg. I don’t desire to do anything more. Yet, my heart pounds with a rustle of inspiration. My fingers tremble over keys - aching to loose the caged soul behind carbon ribs. Sophie made me a book. She went onto Pinterest and found Cinderella quotes for me. This beautiful girl/woman took time out of her day, because she knows my heart beats for the Cinderella story, and found some beautiful quotes for me. It was all I could do not to cry. The quotes were so beautiful; resonate. Every girl wants to be a princess. Ok, maybe not every girl! I want to be one. I have a keychain that I keep my work k