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My computer crashed and I have been slow to get back here, more coming soon!


Happy Valentine's Day...God is LOVE PERFECTED!

Oh, how I used to dread this holiday! The very thought of it would fill me with such repulsion. It was just a stupid holiday conjured up by the card companies. I mean, if you really loved a person shouldn’t you let them know that more than just one designated day? Shouldn’t you be trying to share your love for that person every day in some small little way? You may ask, did you ever have someone on Valentine’s Day, and I would have to say, “No!” I have to admit it might have changed my thoughts on this somewhat dreaded holiday. However, it is Valentine’s once again and I’m once again single and REALLY alright with it. I also feel the need to share that I have really been looking forward to this day and actually enjoying the festivities. Whether it is teaching my children the love of Jesus and celebrating with them, or just thinking of Valentine’s in a different way. My opinion is that life is far too short to be bitter and cynical, look at each day as a blessing from on high. God is g…

The Last Sin Eater!

BRILLIANT, FANTASTIC, BREATHTAKING, MOVING, HEARTBREAKING, RESTORATIVE, THOUGHFUL, FULL, DELICIOUS, COLORFUL, RICH, COMPLEX, SAD, JOYFUL, ...a place to hang your heart!This movie was an amazing film. Based on on of my favorite author's, Francine Rivers, books "The Last Sin Eater", and adapted, produced, and directed by Michael Landon Jr., thanks to Fox Faith Media, Believe Pictures, and Daystar. This is a work of art.You know how passionate I am about this stuff, but please trust me when I say how good this is. Feel free to check out the trailor on my "MySpace".Links:Fox Faith MoviesDaystarFrancine RiversMy "MySpace"Take Care and God Bless!

I Am...Worship!

So, I have made a resolution that 2007 will be a year of true praise and worship, after all a cup full of praise does no justice to an ocean of mercy. When I first resolved that this year would be a year of worship I put in parentheses “WATCH OUT!” It seems I was right! God has asked a lot of me. He has provided in more ways that I can count, but He has asked a lot. Things that I thought were cleaned out and healed up in my life came back with crushing blows…knock out punches indeed. I’m slowly beginning to get my sea legs back, but I’m reeling from all of it. My prayer is that God and I will get to the root of these issues together, pull out the arrow once and for all, and clean and sow up the wound. I want to grow in new ways and be challenged this year to live in reckless abandon in a true and authentic manner before the Lord. I am not the same girl I was six months ago, and I don’t think I’ve ever been able to truly say that before. I hear the voice of the Lord more clearly and th…