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My Hope is in the Person Jesus Christ!

Like this neon sign I want to reflect the hope I have in Jesus Christ. I've questioned, moved ahead of, forgotten, lost sight of, and simply refused to surrender to this Christ I serve. Growing up in church has made Him common place, when He is anything but. I want to quake at the very thought of the Savior of the world being born as a baby, I want to tremble at the thought of Him walking on water, I want to praise Him for healing and rescuing so many, I want to see the beauty in the bloodiness and majesty of the cross. I want to breathe Him in.

I thought this journey of leaving work and moving to North Carolina would be totally different. I was trying to do things my way, but I would never have come to a place in my walk with Christ when I was tired of living for me and the world and really ready to serve Him if I wasn't able to get into the Word and fall on my face for Him in the time I've had. He is just giving me so much and I'm not used to absorbing all of this, my…

Jeremiah...Tell Me About the Fire!

I Lay This Broken Alabaster Jar At the Father's Feet...

13For my people have done two evil things: They have forsaken me--the fountain of living water. And they have dug for themselves cracked cisterns that can hold no water at all! – Jeremiah 2:13 NLT

For years, and well, to be quite frank still even now, I’ve chosen a cracked cistern that holds no water at all over the fountain of living water. I have discovered a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from reading Jeremiah, Lamentations, and Ezekiel. Jeremiah had a deep and passionate love for the Israelites, so much so that God had to tell Him not to pray for them because He wouldn’t hear him. Ezekiel as well had an ache for his people; God said that he would tie his tongue so that he couldn’t pray for them. The Israelites were wicked, serving two masters. While, laying offerings to idols and other gods, they still hoped to appease the Lord by placing burnt offerings before His throne as well. It is a great lesson to me to realize that…

Living in Verse 10

As many of you know I just got back from my visit to Asheville, NC. There were so many people praying for me that it wasn’t even funny and I got some of the most encouraging and uplifting emails that I could have ever asked for. I praise God for all my brothers and sisters in Christ who love me so much. I truly am one of the luckiest girls in the world. It is incredible to me how much God loves me. His love is beyond anything I could ask or imagine. I’m humbled that no matter how far I run or how angry I get at Him, He constantly and consistently continues to woo my heart and to shape my heart whether with moldable hands or sometimes even an exacta-knife, whatever it takes to make me who I should be in Him.

One of the most wonderful things happened while in Asheville and Hendersonville, NC…I fell madly, head over heels, in love with them and the people…most warmth and compassion and excitement I’ve felt from a group of people in FOREVER! My heart went pitter-pat, and my soul soared to …

Heading to Asheville!

Just keep me in your prayers guys. Lot of family going. Pray we can get done with what we need to. I love you all and will be hopefully posting more when I return...take care!

NashVegas and Memphis!...Living Like a Vagabond!

Okay…So, I’m really sick right now so there is absolutely no way to tell how this will all turn out. I wanted to let you know how my trips to both NashVegas (am I allowed to say that even though I’m not living in that state?) and Memphis…(”No Blues, Just Memphis”…I think that’s the saying, Michelle please correct me if I’m wrong) went.

Drove up Thursday morning to Nashville, every time I drive into this city it gives me a bit of a thrill. Went downtown met up with my sister and her lovely co-workers, she really works for and with the best people I have ever known, and went to eat at this cool little Mexican dive, unfortunately the narcotics I’m taking and the fact I’m not always the brightest crayon in the crayola box (but always the coolest color…turquoise) I can’t remember the name of it. Meredith took a half day on Thursday and took off Friday. We went back to her place, did a little shopping at Wal-Mart, and then she cooked us dinner. She is such a good cook. Fried chicken and home…