NashVegas and Memphis!...Living Like a Vagabond!

Okay…So, I’m really sick right now so there is absolutely no way to tell how this will all turn out. I wanted to let you know how my trips to both NashVegas (am I allowed to say that even though I’m not living in that state?) and Memphis…(”No Blues, Just Memphis”…I think that’s the saying, Michelle please correct me if I’m wrong) went.

Drove up Thursday morning to Nashville, every time I drive into this city it gives me a bit of a thrill. Went downtown met up with my sister and her lovely co-workers, she really works for and with the best people I have ever known, and went to eat at this cool little Mexican dive, unfortunately the narcotics I’m taking and the fact I’m not always the brightest crayon in the crayola box (but always the coolest color…turquoise) I can’t remember the name of it. Meredith took a half day on Thursday and took off Friday. We went back to her place, did a little shopping at Wal-Mart, and then she cooked us dinner. She is such a good cook. Fried chicken and homemade french fries, baked beans, and an ummy-nummy salad. (ummy-nummy means it tasted good). Friday we took Michelle to get her “rocker-chick” hair-cut! This woman is probably one of the most amazing people I know, and it isn’t just because she is my sister. In fact I think both of my sisters are incredible beyond words. Maybe I will share in detail why one of these days. Anyway, she looked awesome when done, and gave her locks to “Locks for Love”. We hung out at the Factory for awhile, ate at a cool café, and I sat in a mammoth rocking chair. I left my camera at home, so alas you do not get to see me in my mammoth rocking chair, but let me just say it was a way cool mammoth rocking chair. Then we got smoothies at “Smoothie King” and went to see “Lady in the Water”…this was my second time seeing it. I don’t think the fam enjoyed it as much as me, and in many ways I can understand that. I can’t go into detail over why I loved it so much, I’ll have to talk about it later. It was a wonderful folktale that spoke to me deeply. I found myself wanted to get a pen and paper and take notes, and that usually says something about a film….discussion on the movie later.

Saturday we went to the Frist and saw the Egypt exhibit and some amazing Pulitzer Prize winning photography…so moving, and so good. We came home ate some sandwiches and went to see Tim & Faith in Concert. It was AWESOME! We were in the nose bleed section, but Faith’s voice was incredible and Tim just rocked the show. All in all a wonderful evening. Katrina, if I could have flown I would have been down there giving them hugs, but alas I couldn’t.

Sunday we went to church, ate a Cracker Barrel and then drove another three hours to Memphis, TN. Where the “Rocker Chick” is currently living…I told her that she needed to write a book entitled “I Know Better Than You”, because she moves to the beat of her own drum, has very strong and passionate feelings about stuff, and doesn’t back down for anything. At the same time she has one of the biggest hearts in the whole widest world. I have seen her give when she has had nothing. She has taught me a lot about selflessness. Her apartment suits her to a “T” and is right downtown.

Monday we went to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. I wanted to just write a post specifically about this. Ever since My sisters and I were really little we would watch the St. Jude specials on television…maybe that was why I had so many dreams about me having cancer as a child…not sure. Anyway, I always vowed that when I got old enough to become a Partner in Hope I would and now I am. I was so thrilled to get to see a place that had been so dear to me as a child. If I lived in Memphis I would absolutely volunteer there. Oh, the children are so precious, and the people there are the warmest best people I’ve ever known. It is truly one of the most hopeful places I’ve ever had the privilege of seeing. I was so thankful we did that. Came back and grabbed some awesome Italian Subs at a little dive in the Peabody shopping area. Went down to Tower records to see if they had the “Bloom” CD by Audio A…I wore mine out…SNIFF!!! They didn’t. I’m just going to have order it online. Then, we came back in went in search of Ardent Records. We found it. My sister Michelle is kinda like my sister Meredith’s little manager she went in to ask how much it cost to make a demo their. Well, alright, I will be completely honest, I wanted to go and see where Todd Agnew recorded. I have to say one thing… they are the coolest people ever in that Studio. The gentleman took Michelle’s call while in a meeting...he didn’t know Michelle from Adam and that was awesome! These guys must have seen us driving around like some idiots. They were just waiting for us to pass by…they waved, said hello, and gave us the biggest grins ever. We ended the day outrunning a storm and getting milk. I cooked supper that night for the fam…pre-baked lasagna, salad, and Texas Toast, no big! It was very enjoyable.

The next morning I woke up with a head cold. No warning, no notice just the way it was. Nevertheless we went to the Slave Haven Museum which was part of the Underground Railroad. AWESOME!!! I encourage anyone visiting Memphis to check it out. It’s a really small house with the biggest Magnolia trees you will ever see in your life. It is well worth the trip and is only $6 for adults and $4 for kids. Then we walked down on Beale to the Blue City Café…I believe it was Jonathan on Todd Agnew’s site that gave it rave reviews. I give it a 4 star, awesome food, great atmosphere, and wonderful service. Another place to check out if you visiting the area. Then we went on a tour of Michelle’s church. This thing is a small college campus…she goes to Bellevue. What is so amazing is that it is a mega-church that doesn’t water down the message. Her pastor is meat feeding and not afraid to step on toes. I have some issues with mega-churches and their willingness to water down the message. It is a blessing to know that there are some churches out their whom still preach the Word. I will never be able to go to anything less than a meat feeding church after my experiences at Northside. It has been a blessing beyond measure. After that we came home…I was feeling like death warmed over. Chills, fever, junk in nose, head pounding yuck. Needless to say, I drove seven hours home feeling that way today and I plan to drive another six on Friday to GA.

I ask prayer for safe travel and that I get to feeling better. My hands and feet have been going numb and my right side has been hurting and with a head cold, well I’m just falling apart at 25 soon to be 26, and I don’t like it very much at all.

Oh the trip was WONDERFUL, and it went by way to fast. You guys take care. I have more great entries coming your way. A synopsis on some of my favorite Christian artists…I think I already did one for my Blogger crew on Sara Groves; I’ll try to scrounge that up and re-post it. Some things about Beauty vs. Sexy, and some other hard lessons I learned while on this trip and my journey. God is doing a mighty work and I pray that we all learn to live authentically in Him. We were made from the laughter of the Trinity, and our very heart is community. I love you all.

(Yep, re-reading this…sounds like I’m doped, forgive the randomness, crazy sentences, etc…gracious me.)

PS…thanks to all of those who sent me emails on the subject I needed help on…I’ll review and get back with you when I’m not traveling so much….LOVE!


bjk said…
Don't worry about how it reads....just keep us in the loop!
Pilot Mom said…
Hugs (((Melissa)))!! I hope you get to feeling better. Be careful driving to GA.

Sounds like you had a marvelous time. I love Memphis. I have two aunts who live there and I always enjoy my visits.

When I went to college in Mississippi I would go to Memphis on my holidays and stay with my 3rd Aunt and Uncle. They passed away several years ago.

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