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My Crazy Season!

There is restlessness within my spirit as of late. I cannot place my finger on it or why it is there. I have a hunger for something more and an apathy and sluggishness to not grasp after it. I don’t know what it is. I mean of course I should seek Christ. I am striving to just seek Him, but I’m so used to seeking my own desires and ambitions that it is hard not to slip back into the idea that this Christian faith is really all about me. However, I’m cleaving to what Gayla told me, to seek Him and that is what I’m striving to do. I’m on a new journey of surrender that I wish I was on the other side of.

9/23/07 was the first day of FALL, and despite the warm weather I am still so excited about this time of year. I’m like a giddy school girl over the coming season and I am trying to wait with joyful anticipation. There are so many wonderful things that this time of year holds and it truly is when I feel most alive. I wish everyone could know me this time of year. However, it is also one of…