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Help with the Shackles!

I LOVE the Nichole Nordeman song that is playing on my “myspace”. It is one of those songs that moves me to my very soul. I remember the first time I heard it and how I just wept and wept in the truth of this song. Just hearing it again today is another reminder of the truth that this rich and glorious song holds. I am so blessed beyond measure, and I know God is moving and working a MIGHTY destiny in my life. It is rich and full and powerful. As my pastor says, “Christ has sanctified or set me apart for a journey and God is involved personally in my life and loves me and has created me with a specific destiny!” That is so profound and greatly weight lifting.

I hate letting people down and last week I was the queen of it. I had to tell an amazing mission school that I would not be helping them out with their preschool program. I felt like a big huge failure. It was a gigantic struggle between thinking that God must want me to do this and I just can’t measure up to it, to what He was di…

SICK of being sick!

I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to even write a post in forever. I have been horribly sick. Chills, fever, conjestion, sore throat, coughing, losing my voice, you name it. I have also spent the last week working sick and teaching VBS sick. I'm so exhausted and am still struggling with a horrible cough. I'm feeling better, but please pray for a fast and complete recovery. I will also be going to my interview at Bethany Christian Mission tomorrow at 4pm. Please remember me in your prayers. That my health and my coughing would go away during that time. I will be able to find the school with little problem, and that it will be a divine appointment in every way. I love you all and I promise to get back to your lives soon.