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Two and a Half Times

Well I have seen the Phantom of the Opera for the second full time. All in all I have seen the movie two and a half times. It is a magical fantastical experience. I cried again. It is a true story of the human spirit. The spirit of ugliness, bitterness, resentfullness, and cruelty, and the spirit of humanity, kindness, giving, love, grace, mercy, and compassion. It is the essence of the passionate human heart and broken spirit. It is beauty and tragedy. It is fantastical and pure. It is magical and simple. It tugs at the heart strings. You are placed in front of a mirror and you see the reflection of yourself, truer than you might like. The Phantom infuses every pore of this film, and thus embodies all aspects of humanity. I encourage you to go see it, and I am always a willing participant. I give it an A+. To learn more about the film please check out the Phantom of the Opera website.

Movin' On!

Hello everyone! I am home. We had a really nice trip, but very very busy. We got to Nashville around 6:30pm her time and ate chili that Meredith made for us, then we went to look for a kitchen table for her new apartement. We got up on Friday morning ate at McDonald's and went to survey her new apartment before she signed her lease. Once that was done she dropped us off back at her old apartement while she went to meet the cable guy. Mom, Michelle, and I packed all day long, and then Meredith packed way into the night. We got everything all packed up and ready to be hauled out of there on Saturday. We got up around 7am, and started hauling things to cars, and waiting on her U-haul to arrive. Kim, her boyfriend, and a guy from their church came and helped to move all the stuff into the U-haul. Once all packed up, three loaded cars and a loaded U-haul, more guys from Kim's church came to help unload Meredith's stuff into her new apartment. They unloaded this stuff in about 2…

Nashville Bound

Just wanted you all to know that my family and I are leaving for Nashville to move my sister into an apartment of her own. Her and her roomate are moving into places of their own. Pray for safe travel and an easy move. I will be away from my blogging for a few days, but I promise to catch you up when I get back. Take Care.

Seeing Red!

I got so ill with a customer over the telephone today. He was wanting to set up a book signing and art exhibit. I misunderstood his first request and tried to give him our corporate number, we went round and round in circles. The hotter he got the hotter I got. I have never in all my life treated a customer so poorly. It was a combination of his frustration, mixed with my misunderstanding and frankly not wanting to deal with him. He was rude and I was just as rude. I feel bad about it now, and I hope it does not reflect poorly on my work. I knew it would happen one day, I was just shocked that it happened in this manner.

I have had a busy week, but a weird week. I guess this tops the cake. Monday I was weepy and couldn't get control of my sorrow. Tuesday I was cold, uncaring, and unfeeling...I had washed my hands of life and didn't care. Today, it seems I'm hotter than a firecracker, mad at everything that comes through the door, and feeling that everyone is judging me. I&…

The Grace of a Child

My store manager Jennifer, her husband George, their 16 month old George, and my assitant manager Jill came over for supper last night. It was a wonderful evening full of magic, wonder, and laughter. Mainly because of baby George. He started exploring the minute he walked in the house, stomping his little shoes on the hard wood floor. He loved every minute of the excitment and we loved every minute of the show. He literally played until he was so tired he couldn't stand. He was beautiful and perfect, a gentle reflection of God's handywork. Through his play and excitement he would run to different people giving them hugs and constantly wanting to be lifted into someone's lap. He was absolutely perfect. I cherished every moment I got to spend with him and the rest of our guests. Children captivate me, and their shere wonder of everything that goes on in the world. They take it all in and think it is so great and a blessing. If only we could look at life through a child's…

And the Chandelier Came Tumbling Down

Well, the Phantom of the Opera experience didn't go as well as I had anticipated. There was a problem with one of the amps and the static was so strong that I just lost the magic. It was quite tragic for me because I had two dear friends on the left of me and on the right of me I had my manager and her friend. I wanted to share this special experience with them, but I just couldn't sit through the static. It was heartbreaking in a way. I finally told Jamie the real reason why I left and she understood. I just wanted something perfect and it fell crashing to my feet. I still plan to see it again with my sister with the two free passes I was given for the inconvenience...

I truly think God was teaching me once again the truth that I can't have Him and something else. I was banking a lot on this evening and when it came crashing down, I tried to pick it up and fix the pieces, but all I was left with were bloody hands. It really catapulted me into a sort of sorrowful depression…

The Music of the Night!

I can barely contain myself! I get to see the Phantom of the Opera for the second time with some dear friends. It is hard for me to concentrate. Today is truly going to be the best day. I am so blessed beyond measure. I am truly going to feel the music of the night and relish every moment. I promise to detail you on my second experience and give you some links to check out as well...

Things for me are going really well. We had another really great doctronial meeting, and I always learn a lot and compelled to learn more. I am slowly but surely getting things together for the Women of Faith Conference and I need to begin to plan for the Kentucky Women's Writer's Conference. I am very excited about both.

I have written in my "writing journal" two days in a row now. I cannot believe it. My wonderful Father is setting up the things needed for me to begin to edit the home videos onto DVD. I just have to now start going through the tapes and figure out what I need to put with…

Passion for Purity!

"Oh Gracious Lord,

I praise you for the intimate and personal relationship you desire to have with us. I am blessed to be a part of your kingdom and to know you more personally each and everyday. How often do I come up short and want second best rather than your best for my life. The desire you have placed in my heart is for you, and no other. The true intimacy that is felt on the marriage bed is the true heart of oneness and worship you desire to have with us. Why do I want what the world has to offer? It is so tainted and stained from man's selfish desires, it is a consuming force that can only be stopped by your consuming fire. You are the miracle in my life, may I be more honest and passionate for you. My desire is for you and you alone. God go before me, burning all that comes between me and you in your path.

Thank you for what you have done and what you intend to do.


Finding the right life partner is a matter of working to become the right life partner,…

To Blessed to be Stressed!

I am actually feeling a little stressed out so I thought I would put that as my title. It is a great little phrase of "To Blessed to be Stressed;to annointed to be disappointed!" When I'm feeling those things I am reminded of that phrase and what a true joy it is to be a part of the kingdom of God and to know Him on a personal level.

I am at work as usual, and I am listening to on of my favorite CD's, Robbie Robertson's Songs for the Native American. It is a beautiful CD and it relaxes me. Again, I am faced with struggling to find things to do at work, so alas I thought I would type a little something.

I am not sure why I am feeling stressed out over certain things. My mind is buzzing with activity and I'm feeling a dull ache at my temples. There are a lot of little things that I want to wrap my brain around, get started, or organize. My WMU group has put me in charge of getting the tickets and rooms for our Women of Faith Conference. I think that is what has m…

Things are Going Well!

I am going to try narrow my focus on each blog, that is why I have placed two entries in this one day. Things are going really well for me. My sister Meredith came home this weekend and we had a lot of fun. Many of you know she is trying to gain a singing career, so we took pictures for her head shots, and we also went to see Phantom of the Opera this weekend. It was fabulous, I am so thrilled about seeing it again this weekend with Jamie and Becky. I will write more about the Phantom movie when I see it again. I would encourage anyone to go see this thrilling movie, and I still have to see the live performance.

Work is boring and uninspiring. I am utterly bored and have to struggle to find new things to do to keep me from running out of things to do. I'm just tired of it, but I know that I am supposed to stay here a little while longer while God works.

Church is probably the best thing in my life right now. We had a great first Doctronial meeting, tonight is our WMU meeting, and …

Hamm Twins

This is a little late, but I wanted to share something with everyone. This year was the first time that I really got the chance to watch the Summer Olympics. Normally, I am in school and working to much to have a moment to really enjoy them. The last time I really relished this experience was back in '96 when the Olympics were in Atlanta, Georgia.

This year I was really able to enjoy watching them, and one of my favorite events was the male gymnastics. I was riveted as Paul Hamm came back from a horrible fall to when the Olympic All Around. Just in general a great and fun experience. Of course I was drawn by the twins Paul and Morgan Hamm and felt compelled once the Olympics were over to write them letters. I honestly never dreamed that I would hear anything from them.

A few weeks ago when I was sick and feeling somewhat depressed from this, I received an envelope in the mail. As I opened the envelope there were two small pictures, and at this point I was dumbfounded at what they m…

Happy Birthday Mary K!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish my dear friend Mary K a very Happy Birthday. May it be the best yet! I love you.

Redeeming Love

Yes! I am reading one of my favorite books again "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. She is truly my favorite Christian fiction author. Her books just captivate me. If you ever wonder what to get me, I am working on collecting all of her books. "Redeeming Love" is the retelling of the book of Hosea, and it is the most stirring and powerful representation of true love and God's love that I have ever read. There are some parts of the book that I'm actually afraid to read again because I know that they will get under my skin. This book will take you through a whirlwind of emotions, it will change you, there is not doubt about that. I encourage anyone to pick it up.

Well, I got my room "Winter Cleaned". It looks so great. I am so very proud of it. It is silly I know, but my ADD just reacts so much better to clean neat spaces.

I have been feeling a little weighted down. There is so much that I want to do this year, and it is just getting organized and …

It Happened Upon a Tuesday

You must forgive me for my somewhat unique titles. I have always be fascinated with a great title. After all a reader is first introduced to a story through it's title and the cover of the book. A great title has always captivated me, and so I am always thinking of new unique titles with whatever I might be writing. "It Happened Upon a Tuesday" is simply my elaborate way of saying this is what has been going on in my day. Now, with all that pomp and circumstance you might think that a great deal might be going on, but alas there is nothing much at all going on in my life. I am at work where I tend to do most of my blogging. I had storytime this morning with the children. We have storytime at the store every Tuesday morning and 10 am and every Sunday afternoon at 3pm. This particular storytime was an apple them. We sang a song about growing an apple tree, read Johnny Appleseed, made and apple superhero which said, "Apples are Great!", and the kids got applesauc…

You Are Always Invited

As I have mentioned to many of you I love Sara Groves. Her lyrics and powerful music have the ability to speak right to your heart. Now that I am feeling better I want to share with you just one of the many songs of hers that I love and why it means so much to me. The actual song is entitled "Every Minute" and is on the Writer's Corner. It is simply a song that brings relationships to the front of lifes journey. I am so blessed with the friends God has graced me with. I am so thankful for them and do not take a one for granted. You are all true and complete miracles in my life. I have come a long way from being a shy insecure young girl, and I know that those God has chosen to walk by my side on lifes journey entered my life right when I needed them most. I have to say thank you because you "have taught me to slow down and prop up my feet, it's the fine art of being who I am". Sometimes I cannot figure out why you have chosen to be my friend, but I am bless…

Death Warmed Over

Well, that is how I have been feeling pretty much. I have had the combination flu head cold thing. Basically, I haven't felt this crappy since I was in middle or high school. I was bragging about how I had gotten out of being sick. Be careful what you mock is all I have to say.I am feeling better, but not back to quite my normal self. I have so many entries that I have been wanting to work on for the blog, but alas I haven't been able to sit up long enough to do so. However, when I get some time and begin to feel better I will have to catch all up on the exciting thoughts of me. They're not that exciting trust me. Anyway, I am back at work and I have a meeting today at 2pm with the Lexington Children's Theatre and tomorrow I have a big New Year Carnival event back in Barnes and Noble Jr. So, please pray for both of those events and my continued health.I promise to write more soon...

Babbling Brook

I don't have a lot to say. There is something that I want to share with you, but that will have to wait until I feel just a little more coherent and am more focused. I am sick. I thought I had avoided the clutches of the creeping crud, but alas I did not. Please pray for God's healing.

Also please pray for my extended family. Trust me when I say we are living in a real soap opera and God's hand needs to be on the situation.

I have been feeling a little dumpy, but not defeated. I honestly think it is due to Mrs. Murphy coming to town.

There is a new entry on the Writer's Corner.

Will write more soon.

Welcome New Year!

I can honestly say I have not been more excited about the promise and opportunity that waits in this New Year. I have always known that I was created for a specific and special purpose in life. I know that I am meant to be alive in this time and this space. The reason I know that is because Satan tried to take mine and my Mother's life when I was born. Satan has been swift on my heels ever since. I have struggled and have had some really dark times, but in those times God always allows that little ray of light trickle in through the thought that I am very lucky to be alive. Even when I was going through all of the horrible physical problems here recently that thought kept coming to my mind, "God did not save both me and my Mother to have me die now." I feel that I might be getting a little bit to morbid. It is weird what you think you will write sometimes and what you do.

Okay, okay, moving along. I am currently sitting in my office once again not feeling like doing much …