Passion for Purity!

"Oh Gracious Lord,

I praise you for the intimate and personal relationship you desire to have with us. I am blessed to be a part of your kingdom and to know you more personally each and everyday. How often do I come up short and want second best rather than your best for my life. The desire you have placed in my heart is for you, and no other. The true intimacy that is felt on the marriage bed is the true heart of oneness and worship you desire to have with us. Why do I want what the world has to offer? It is so tainted and stained from man's selfish desires, it is a consuming force that can only be stopped by your consuming fire. You are the miracle in my life, may I be more honest and passionate for you. My desire is for you and you alone. God go before me, burning all that comes between me and you in your path.

Thank you for what you have done and what you intend to do.


Finding the right life partner is a matter of working to become the right life partner, trusting God to cover the "who" and "when" issues. Purposing to remain pure, taking proper advantage of singleness, and building wholesome relationships that cause one to treat younger men as brothers and younger women as sisters--that's a big enough assignment for anyone. Developing basic life skills (e.g., cooking, child care, home-repair tasks, vocational training) can further prepare one for building his or her own household some day. Since we tend to associate with those who share our values and goals, by concentrating on becoming a faithful, diligent, industrious, and skilled man or woman of God, are we not more apt to attract the same?

"I Kissed Dating Goodbye" - Joshua Harris

Where is out passion for purity? Is it because everywhere we turn and everywhere we look we see the sacred act of sex in such a raw, impure, and lustful manner that we as Christian's have become desensitized from it. We accept it as part of the world, and even dare I say as part of our lifestyles. I have become victim to it as much as anyone else. There is not passion for purity in our hearts, possibly a duty to purity, but passion is for the bed chamber not the celebicy closet. We get caught in some sort of limbo, trying to stay "pure" and reckoning as long as we don't have intercourse that the lines have not been crossed that we are still good little boys and girls.

My sister and I were talking about some of her Christian friends who felt that you did not cross lines when you spent the night over at your boyfriends house or went on vacation with them sleeping in the same bed, as long as you did not have sex then there was nothing wrong with that. AW Tozer said something along the lines that..."There are a whole new generation of Christian's who live their lives with one foot on earth and one in Heaven, and see nothing wrong with that." If you play with fire you will get burned. These young men and women think they are doing a good job by not having sex, but in the end they still want their cake and eat it too. When you cross the lines of laying in the same bed with someone before you're married or vacationing with them, or staying over to the wee hours of the morning you are playing house, and you are defiling what the marriage bed was meant to stand for. How can we expect to get God's best if we are not willing to lay in wait for his timing? We are taking the fruit off the vine before it is fully wripe. While enjoyable, it can easily turn to acid on your stomach. Like Joshua Harris said in his book "I Kissed Dating Goodbye"..."Dating is like fast food, while there is nothing wrong with fast food, there is something better out there." This leads me to the question why is Josh's book so ridiculed by the church, is it because we are afraid of truth, does it hurt us to have to give up those greedy little pleasures we relish behind closed doors? Do we not think that Satan is laughing in his den? Why is it that the divorce rate is higher in the church than in the world? Is it because we have accepted the world's view on love? How do we separate ourselves from the world if we live in it? We are aliens, not of this world. Should there not be a mark of that in our lifestyles? How far is to far? And the list goes on an on.

I know I sound like a raving lunatic, but I am just simply sick of it. I am sick of the lukewarm standard we have set for our lives. God said he would spew us from his mouth if we were lukewarm. Where is the Passion for Purity? We have a duty to it yes, we know that it is the right thing to do, to wait until we are married, but are our souls and hearts passionate about it? Are we as passionate about waiting and staying pure as we are of that wedding night? Do we travel on that journey in our minds, or possibly go a little to far with our girlfriends or boyfriends to relish a taste of what is to come. How do we bring the Passion for Purity back to the center of our hearts? I'm asking, because I feel so tanted that I have lost my passion for it myself. To be passionate about something is to drink it in, let it envelope you, it is your purpose, your source for life. Where does your passion lie? For me I have no idea, I'm confused, tired, and hallow. I am also sick and tired of people telling me how I should live my life, or telling me or my sisters that we are nieve for believing the way we do. I disagree and I feel strongly that God does to.

What brought on this rant? Well, I have to say it has been festering in me for a long long time now. I just felt it pushing forward and I am sorry if I came off to harsh.

As I mentioned before I recently got some rings. I have chosen one of these rings as a "Promise Ring" or "Purity Ring". But, I like the phrase "Promise" because that is what you are doing, making a promise to God, yourself, and your future husband that you will passionatly and paciently wait. It is truly a beautiful ring. Gold with small diamonds on either side, and in the center two hearts that interlock with one another with diamonds in the center of them. I am still trying to think of a unique way to not only say that this is my promise ring, but reflect that to God with meaning. I want the best that God has to offer me, not second best, and with this ring on my finger I know that I have to look at it as a constant reminder.

My ranting is done. There is a new entry of brand new work on the Writer's Corner that relates to this topic. I speak on this issue just as much for me and anyone one else that reads it with an open mind.

I love you all and will write something not so overpowering and deep next time.

"Oh, my love. Be like a gazelle on the mountains of spices. I have awakened. Be with us, Lord. Make this a love triangle, a sacred one to last a lifetime and beyond." - Scarlett Thread, Francine Rivers.


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