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Brilliance of Simple Moments!

"Existence has a value wholly inexpressible, we are most truly compelled to that sentiment not by any argument or triumphant justification of the cosmos, but by a few of these momentary and immortal sights and sounds, a gesture, an old song, a portrait, a piano, an old door." - GK Chesterton

Our lives are made up of the great mystery, wholly delicious, wholly complicated, wholly inarticulate. We don't have the right words or gestures in which to express this existence. Yes, we can look at the numerous stars in the night sky & literally have our breath taken away. It is a 'stop you in your tracks' sort of moment. In that moment we realize that we are a tiny speck of the great whole. There is a bigger purpose bleeding for us to be a part...a part of Him, a part of the mystery, a part of the beauty.

This quote by GK Chesterton struck me deeply. While, I can easily recognize the "triumphant justification" in seeing the cosmos, I almost always miss those l…