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The Trip...the Journey of a Lifetime (Pt. 1)

I thoroughly enjoyed the time away from the computer, more than I thought I would. It was refreshing getting my beautiful leather bound journal and etching thoughts on paper with pen. It was challenging and peaceful to pace my thoughts to keep up with the slower pace of pen in hand. It was refreshing to say exactly what I wanted instead of editing my thoughts on blog. So, here are some highlights…

6/22/09 Well I Didn’t Die

God is trying to teach me something great at the very start. I rarely get freaked out in storms while driving, but when I turned the corner and met a wall of angry black staring me down I felt sick. The wind was whipping the leaves in a deadly dance. Then the rain, the hellish, God awful rain that hit…I stared death in the face. I also saw the hand of God in an awesome lightning display. It really shook me. Here we go road trip. Here we go life!

6/23/09 It Only Took us 15 hrs

Memphis, TN (Michelle’s old home and much beloved city!!!) was our first stop. We stopped at a …