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How to Say Thanks!

For many years I have written a Christmas story and handed it out along with gifts. Over the past 5 years or so I had gotten out of that tradition. I have recently picked it back up and hope to make it a tradition that will last for years to come. In these stories I always include thank you's. I know that this is quite silly, but I find it fun and as Reba M. always says, "We all want to be loved and appreciated!" So, I thought I would share them with you now. I will also be posting all of my stories on my Myspace and Writer's Corner. I love you all. Merry Christmas!

Abundant Thanks:

I’m blessed beyond measure to know the true meaning of Christmas. That the Lord of the entire Universe loved me so much that He came as a tiny child and died for me. The awareness of His presence personally in my life is one thing I never quite get used to. Thank you Jesus for this abundant journey, for your love and sacrifice, and the unending work that you continue to do in a muck filled …

Standing On My Own Little Pebble

My preacher made a very important point one Wednesday night at church. He said that sometimes the path that is laid out for us is only illumined one pebble at a time, and all we can do sometimes is stand on our little pebble until God lights the next one. Over the last six months I have jumped head long onto unlighted pebbles, had to backtrack to pebbles I had hoped I wouldn’t have to stand on again, and am working on getting all the ugly weeds that sprout up between the cracks. I’ve begged for greatness from God and lived mediocrity. I’ve claimed triumphantly that this is the will God has for me, and had to eat crow when that wasn’t the case. I’ve looked for the fantastic miracle, when I had a million little miracles buzzing all around me. I sought for the life I wanted in my dreams, when the life God wants for me is right smack dab in front of me. It still is a long journey ahead, but I’m thankful for the steps that I have taken and those that await me. For now I’m content standing …

Adding to the Beauty...WIL Sara Groves!

I wrote about Sara Groves almost a year ago and still she is my favorite Christian artist and I just wanted to add a few things to why I love her so much after watching her documentary from “nomad” entitled “Sara Groves: Just Showed Up For My Own Life.” The great thing about Sara is that she is real and she conveys through her music. She doesn’t put on a show, and she isn’t full of pretense. The reason that I relate to her music so much is that I can feel the emotion and pain and hope and glory and joy in her songs. They resonate with me because I know that she has lived these things she is singing about. It isn’t something she has thought would make a good point, or make a good song, these are struggles, sorrows, joys, and blessings she has faced, been afraid of, and found victory and rejoicing in. She seems so real to me and that is what touches me so deeply. In her documentary she talks about wanting all the wax to be used up and the wick burned all the way down when her journey is…