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International Justice Mission

The hope and purpose of Christmas is the best gift we could ask for...Jesus! This season I'm compelled to share with you an organization that is passionate about doing what Jesus did & what we as Christians are called to do...set the captives free. IJM (Internatinal Justice Mission) is an organization that is close to me and my sisters hearts...enjoy the videos, and if you are compelled to learn more or take action in helping their cause check out their website To see videos please visit my "myspace" or go to YouTube and keyword: International Justice Mission May God bless you this holiday season!

A Beautiful Work...

I have to say that it has been far too long since I have done writing of any kind. I’m uncertain if it has been out of fear of letting my mind go freely or just the weariness that has been shut up in my bones. Writing is like oxygen for me; if I’m deprived of it too long I grow unhealthy and a part of me dies. That is very much what I’ve been feeling like lately, that parts of me are dying. The good parts, the bad parts, hopefully more bad than good. I’m not saying that God has not been faithful, I’m just saying I haven’t always been faithful to Him. He is teaching me so many rich and wonderful things, but I’ve also found myself sticking my fingers in my ears and singing to keep from hearing. I think I envisioned my life far different at the age of 28 than it is now. I feel stifled, not able to move or breathe. I’m sort of stuck in a rut and I don’t really want to be. I would be content if I felt like living at home, striving to make a basic living, and going through my day to day