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Dancing in the Rain, Stomping in the Mud, & Other Dirty Adventures!!!

I take the baby out around ten in the morning every day to play. Monday was like any other day. I asked her if she wanted to go outside & she responded with a simple shake of the head & a “yeah”! We traveled out into the beautiful sunshiny day! It was clean & crisp. The day hinted at the glorious autumn that would soon envelope us. The baby squealed & laughed & tromped about. Even scaring the neighbor’s cat a bit with her big “lion” roars.
Then, she spied it! It was a little thing really. Some water from an evening rain had collected in one of the lawn chairs. She was on it in seconds. She splashed, stuck her face in it, climbed up & sat in it, splashed some more, more face planting in it…all the while laughing with reckless abandon. I did have a moment where I thought, “Oh, Rachael! Now, I’m going to have to change you & we are going to have to pick the boys up soon! Really, couldn’t you just do something that didn’t get you all wet and dirty?” But, those …