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God Doesn't Say..."Oops"

I received this little bit of wisdom from JettyBetty’s blog. So, if God doesn’t say, “oops” when He does something in our lives, then I guess I should be trusting Him right and not my own silly ridiculous way of doing things. Oh, but no one told me that I wasn’t God and I just feel that I know so much better than Him. Oh me, I just think about how far God has brought me in my 26 years. I keep thinking what a big brat I’ve been. I’m like God, “How did you put up with me?” “How do you put up with me still?” “What do you see that is good in me?” I mean I’ve pretty much lived for me, myself, and I for 26 long years. When I was a baby it was all about being fed and taken care of, as a child it was about what toy I could get at the supermarket, as a teen it was about being felt worth while to matter in this world and to others, and in my twenties it has been about living for what will make me happy. I’ve been screaming at God…”Me! Me! Me!” so much I’ve lost His still small voice. He’s sayin…

Reflection of Something....Why I like Todd Agnew...

DISCLAIMER: Well, this is my first installment of the “Why I like…” series. I plan to periodically give you some background on some of my most favorite things whether that is books, authors, artists, movies, people, or places. In the hopes that you get a better rounded understanding of who I am and hopefully something I say might encourage you to check out these things for yourself. I will strive to discuss the things that are truly enriching and well, frankly, a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy the first installment concerning Todd Agnew. I had always intended to do my first one on Sara Groves since I have a similar entry, but with Todd’s new Christmas Album coming out October 3rd, I thought I might as well give him the promotion he deserves. With each installment I will be posting a video on my MySpace and of course having their music play. If you are reading this from Blogger, I will place a link to my MySpace site in every post.

“Why I like…Todd Agnew?”
By: Melissa Darsey

When I was a te…