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Happy Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for…

1. I have been given an abundant life.
2. God whispers to me through the beauty of nature.
3. I have Godly parents who sought to take me to church and raise me in a Christian home.
4. I have more abundance than I could ask or imagine, and truly I don’t deserve.
5. I have my health.
6. God has provided a joyful place for me to work.
7. My family loves me.
8. The church that God has provided for me fills me to overflowing.
9. I have friends that love me, care for me, support me, and make me laugh…(lets keep changing the world, at least in our minds)
10. I have the privilege of living in the United States; this is a very fortunate and puzzling gift.
11. The Lord had His hand on me from the beginning.
12. Oh that He would save a wretch like me.
13. I’m thankful that he is Sovereign over all things, and that He has cared and carried me all the days of my life and brought me to this place.
14. He speaks to me.
15. He restores me.
16. He has only my good in mind.
17. His grace is sufficient…

Me and "me sexy pirate"...

...from the Ren Festival 2007 (more coming soon)