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His People: Shepherds

His People: Shepherds
Pinpricks of light pierce the inky black. The soft bay of sheep carries on the wind. The night air stirs; a desert chill. Cloaked shepherds abide with their flock, tending them, rod and staff close at hand. Some nod, chins falling into the crook of their neck. Others softly run fingers in silky wool accounting for every sheep in their fold. Outcasts of society, making a meager living, resigned to live among smelly animals. The care they provide these weakly needy creatures is profound. Could this be the reason Our Father sent His herald to them first - these quiet solitary men? Was hope always on the fringe? Did it whisper in the souls of these shepherds? A source of mystery they could never touch until the manifest unfolded, radically changing their lives in one moment.
Nearby, in the fields outside of Bethlehem, a group of shepherdswere guarding their flocks from predators in the darkness of night. Suddenly a messenger of the Lord stood in front of them, and the …

Collage: A Holiday Spectacular

What kicks off your Christmas season?
For me, it is Collage: A Holiday Spectacular, put on by UK Choirs and guest ensembles at the Singletary Center for the Arts. My friend, James Aaron, introduced me to this wonderful festivity. The concert has quickly become a tradition.
The performance blends different mediums: percussion, choir, bells, along with other musical instruments. Musical genre bleeds into the next from traditional, jazz, bluegrass, and acappella. It can leave one spinning in glorious sensory overload.
A former choral performer, I love the sound of harmony. The definition of collage is a piece of art made by sticking various different materials together. Using difference to make a whole, a resonant notion in these times. I mulled this over while listening to the artistic synthesis of various voices creating one breathtaking sound.
There is an exquisite mix of old and new. The elements I know I’ll enjoy are singing “Joy to the World”, feeling my heart drum to the passion of…