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Hard Beautiful!

Please take a moment before you read this post and read this prayer of Isaiah 61, entitled
"Beautiful Ashes" ...pray it with yourself in mind!

He hugs like my Papa! It is what I think as Mr. Ray wraps his strong arms, thinned by treatment, around my waist. “You make this bearable,” he whispers as his sure frame trembles with emotion. I am emptied and filled all in one moment. As we squeeze tighter, letting tears of gratitude and sorrow wash us clean, I am fully aware of this journey. These moments stop the frenetic and settle anxiety. There are stirrings of mystery that God leads us to. His hand is ever in the hard beautiful life we all face.
The season change from summer into autumn always stills the breath in my lungs. The crisp air ignites a fire in my weary bones. The changing dancing leaves are utter splendor to behold. In this season there is a pulling of the veil. The magic of this journey is always peeking around corners.
The last weeks a fog has rolled in. My heart, …