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Life SUCKS!...Really???

There are just times where it’s hard. You can’t explain it to anyone. It isn’t as if you are ungrateful for everything that you have been given. Yet, the frustration is stifling & you feel the walls begin to close in. You waft between reaching out & spilling all that deep down dark blackness or curling up into a tiny ball, hoping no one notices. The struggle to be everything to everyone, a delusion of your own mind, seems an implausible & frustrating task. Your heart aches from the emptiness. It’s in these moments you wonder how God puts up with you – how anyone puts up with you? You question yourself & everything. You’re angry at the world, but more importantly, you are angry at yourself. The blackness has crept back in; when you swore it would stay at bay.

Depression is a real & unexplainable thing. I cannot put my finger on it. I cannot wish it away. I cannot even explain it when I am going through it. I usually don’t. It is often accompanied with physical sympto…