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Silent Night by Melissa Darsey

This story was written many years ago. I was driving on Main looking at all the decorations. I passed the Catholic Church...people wafting out with mittens and scarfs about them. I was in the moony phase of being a part of a new church family and quickly wrote this little story as a dedication to the people I love so much. This is still one of my favorite stories to pick back up. I wrote it in one night. "Silent Night" is one of my favorite songs. This is still dedicated to the family unit I have at Northside Baptist Church. I love you guys.

Old man winter shivered across the Earth stirring up magic and snow on the tiny streets of Bethlehem. The streets of the small town glittered and winked with each kiss of a moonbeam. The town folk were all nestled and cozy dreaming dreams that only Christmas could bring. The town fairly twinkled with holly and lights wrapped snuggly around light polls, spilling from store windows, and dancing on window pains. The town, while sleeping, was…