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A Fairytale Story!!!!

Women, there is a Captivating Story where you are the Beauty…

Please just take a moment to read what Jesus thinks of you…BELOVED!
------------------------------- The sweeping music begins, the ‘clap-clap’ of hooves make their way down cobbled stones. You begin to see the outline of a majestic white steed, followed by another, and then another. You are anxiously waiting to see what these magnificent animals are carrying when you realize that it is none other than that glorious pumpkin turned coach from the classic Disney movie and fairytale of CINDERELLA!

Cinderella has always been my favorite Disney movie. I pretty much love the fairytale in any form that it comes. There is a gentle inner strength that resides in Cinderella. She has been forced into slavery by the ones that should love her the most, her family. Yet, she still finds time to sing. She is forced to wear rags and her clothes are cindered from the time spent cleaning out the fireplace. Yet, she still delights in a sunris…


...Pray for me!

Going Home!

After an exhausting and painful time for family and friends Mrs. Harris has gone to be with the Lord! I ask you to please keep the family in prayer as they prepare for the funeral and the difficult time following! B is walking the streets of Glory! Praise God!

Mourning Glory!

Life is here and so quickly gone tomorrow. It is so important to embrace each day with passion and joy...seeking the One that will bring us true fufillment. One of my dearest and most lovely friends, a true sister, is experiencing loss. Her Mother-in-Law is passing away from cancer. They discovered it when they went to remove her gallbladder. It had moved to her stomach, into her lymphnodes, and was in the last stage. This was right before Christmas. They gave her about three months. It hasn't even been three weeks. She is currently in Tennessee where her family was seeking treatment and Vanderbuilt. They believed that they had found a possible treatment when she took a turn for the worse. Currently they have taken her off all medications but pain medicine and have told the family that she is dying. She was able to say her good-byes and how she wanted her funeral and then she turned and said, "Now, I'm ready to go be with Jesus!" I ask for your prayers concerning her…