The Trip...the Journey of a Lifetime (Pt. 1)

I thoroughly enjoyed the time away from the computer, more than I thought I would. It was refreshing getting my beautiful leather bound journal and etching thoughts on paper with pen. It was challenging and peaceful to pace my thoughts to keep up with the slower pace of pen in hand. It was refreshing to say exactly what I wanted instead of editing my thoughts on blog. So, here are some highlights…

6/22/09 Well I Didn’t Die

God is trying to teach me something great at the very start. I rarely get freaked out in storms while driving, but when I turned the corner and met a wall of angry black staring me down I felt sick. The wind was whipping the leaves in a deadly dance. Then the rain, the hellish, God awful rain that hit…I stared death in the face. I also saw the hand of God in an awesome lightning display. It really shook me. Here we go road trip. Here we go life!

6/23/09 It Only Took us 15 hrs

Memphis, TN (Michelle’s old home and much beloved city!!!) was our first stop. We stopped at a famous cafĂ©, the Arcade, for amazingly good food and great service. It was most fitting to begin this journey in the place Michelle first called home as we traveled to her new home in San Diego!!!! The trip got a little waylaid with our GPS trying to take us to Tulsa instead of OK City & some upset stomachs and frequent potty breaks, but we finally weathered the long journey and arrived in Oklahoma City @ night. We thought we would never see our beautiful Best Western, but we did, we did, and it was a beautiful thing! Meredith took a picture of Michelle’s trunk, it was truly an amazing site to see, full to the brim with personal items that Michelle needed…Finally, we are snug in for the night. My sisters are getting PJs on, while I’m sipping on some water (feeling sick) and of course journaling. The coolest thing we saw was a crop plane circling over Arkansas. It made a pass right in front of our car, the tip of its bright yellow wing almost brushing the windshield it was so close. He wiggled his wings, laughing at our delight as he rolled and tumbled over the next field.

6/24/09 I’m Living in Albuquerque, NM

It has been decided. The bags are packed. It is too bloomin’ beautiful here. We started off a little grouchy and I was scared a killin’ was a comin’, but praise be to the Lord it worked itself out. Our first stop was the OK City Memorial. It is truly breathtaking and very well done. We would have loved to have gone through the museum, but there was no time.

The white windmills against the OK landscape was awe inspiring and breathtaking! The large god like structures slashing the thick air with their giant propellers was something I had never seen before in person. I was like a child. Then Texas! While we didn’t travel in the most beautiful part of the state I was overwhelmed by the vast sky. I was itching for nighttime to see the expanse and beauty of the brilliant stars…everything is truly bigger in Texas, alas we didn’t get to see them, SNIFF!

Then, oh then, the most amazing thing happened…as we neared New Mexico the landscape began to change. Mounds began to prop up their strong flat shoulders. Small shrubs began to dot the landscape, quickly changing the scenery before our eyes. I truly will never be able to describe this the way I want to. Beautiful is not adequate enough… Gorgeous is not adequate enough… as we cut our way through God’s handiwork we quickly realized He was just showing off. As we neared Albuquerque a great mountain range began to crop up and the next thing we know we are in the midst of these gentle guardians. I was in HEAVEN!!! Kill me now because there is no need to go any further…Albuquerque looks GREAT!

6/25/09 A Bit of Old Town

Tomorrow we head for our destination…San Diego!!! I’m not sure we can do it, but we have too. I’m praying for my sister. That she will have continued peace, take her time with things, and find a safe and intimate space with the Lord!!! We had a great day here. We woke up at 9am. I went to breakfast in my PJs J! Of course there were gorgeous ROCKER boys downstairs & of course I acted like a fool!!! Ate breakfast in our room and got ready leisurely. Got to travel downtown, which I loved! I got a cool T-shirt and some postcards. Everyone here is exceedingly nice. You know how in the south you ask someone how are you? Where are you from? Well, here they really want to know something about you? Like, what is Michelle going to do in San Diego? We met the coolest most interesting people in NM, and they shared so much of themselves so freely! Did I mention I loved this place? Old Town is the local tourist area. Tones of shops and local flare. I got to see a Native dancer…I of course got all emotional over it, was glad my sisters left me to myself during it. I have no idea what God wants to do with the passion I have for the American Indians.

My complete most favorite thing that we did while in Albuquerque was to go to the Standard Diner. My sisters and I love the show “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” & this was a place that Guy had stopped at. Ultra chic, ultra cool, w/ AMAZING FOOD!!! Amazing service too. There was a GORGEOUS waiter w/ rich side burns and thick rimmed glasses. I just enjoyed the view!!! I love guys that are different and unique in their looks. He was exquisite. They could have put him up on the wall with all their other art and allowed us to feast on the beauty of God’s creation. Ok, ok, now I’m getting side tracked.
We headed back to the hotel and saw the beginnings of a rainbow. By the time we got back to the hotel it was a full blown arch with a second shadowed rainbow above. My sister Meredith and I felt like people should stop and behold the beauty of God’s handiwork.

Now I’m getting ready for bed. WE are up at 5am in the morning to eat and get ready to move on. I’m a little nervous about San Diego. I’m hoping I’m proved wrong. I’m hoping God grants us and extra measure of grace. I hope it is life changing – in a great way! I hope Michelle has the time of her LIFE! I hope everything goes beautifully for me and Meredith on our plane ride home. Goodbye Albuquerque (tears coming down my face)! Good night world!

To be continued…


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