It Happened Upon a Tuesday

You must forgive me for my somewhat unique titles. I have always be fascinated with a great title. After all a reader is first introduced to a story through it's title and the cover of the book. A great title has always captivated me, and so I am always thinking of new unique titles with whatever I might be writing. "It Happened Upon a Tuesday" is simply my elaborate way of saying this is what has been going on in my day. Now, with all that pomp and circumstance you might think that a great deal might be going on, but alas there is nothing much at all going on in my life. I am at work where I tend to do most of my blogging. I had storytime this morning with the children. We have storytime at the store every Tuesday morning and 10 am and every Sunday afternoon at 3pm. This particular storytime was an apple them. We sang a song about growing an apple tree, read Johnny Appleseed, made and apple superhero which said, "Apples are Great!", and the kids got applesauce to eat. It was just as fun for me as it was for them. One little boy, when the storytime came to an end, said, "I'm waiting for more." I told him, "I'm sorry I don't have anymore things to do, but if you come back next week we can do a new storytime." Through the eyes of a child.

The biggest thing I am attempting to do right now is "Winter Clean" my room. Even though it has been feeling like Spring, it is still winter so I must use the right description. I bought some shoe racks and storage for my PJ's and purses. I got my closet into shape last night. Since, I have yet to take my Christmas down that will be the task of this evening. I am off tomorrow so I will be trying to get the room back into shape. I have many cubbies and things to clean out. I am just sick of all the junk I have, and I have such a small room I don't have room for all of it.

I am planning to go see "The Phantom of the Opera" with my friends Jamie and Becky this weekend. I am so excited. My sister, Meredith, said it was great, and the young woman in the film is from one of my favorite movies "Songcatcher". There are so many films that I want to see. I always manage to stay behind. I am going to try to catch "Spanglish" in theatres, and there are so many great scary movies coming out. I am a huge scary movie freak. I cannot help that I am weird.

Something I might be doing in the future is editing and putting our family home movies on DVD. I need to brush up on my editing skills and I have always had a love for home videos. I also need to put my work from my production class on VHS so that I can then edit it to DVD...this means me traveling to UK, which I have done once, but of course the deck you use was not working. It is nothing new. I just haven't gotten back out there to do try again.

I am a big babbling brook today. Sorry, I will end now. I will write more later on the movie and some of the more thrilling things in my life.

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