The Grace of a Child

My store manager Jennifer, her husband George, their 16 month old George, and my assitant manager Jill came over for supper last night. It was a wonderful evening full of magic, wonder, and laughter. Mainly because of baby George. He started exploring the minute he walked in the house, stomping his little shoes on the hard wood floor. He loved every minute of the excitment and we loved every minute of the show. He literally played until he was so tired he couldn't stand. He was beautiful and perfect, a gentle reflection of God's handywork. Through his play and excitement he would run to different people giving them hugs and constantly wanting to be lifted into someone's lap. He was absolutely perfect. I cherished every moment I got to spend with him and the rest of our guests. Children captivate me, and their shere wonder of everything that goes on in the world. They take it all in and think it is so great and a blessing. If only we could look at life through a child's eyes.


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