To Blessed to be Stressed!

I am actually feeling a little stressed out so I thought I would put that as my title. It is a great little phrase of "To Blessed to be Stressed;to annointed to be disappointed!" When I'm feeling those things I am reminded of that phrase and what a true joy it is to be a part of the kingdom of God and to know Him on a personal level.

I am at work as usual, and I am listening to on of my favorite CD's, Robbie Robertson's Songs for the Native American. It is a beautiful CD and it relaxes me. Again, I am faced with struggling to find things to do at work, so alas I thought I would type a little something.

I am not sure why I am feeling stressed out over certain things. My mind is buzzing with activity and I'm feeling a dull ache at my temples. There are a lot of little things that I want to wrap my brain around, get started, or organize. My WMU group has put me in charge of getting the tickets and rooms for our Women of Faith Conference. I think that is what has made me a little stressed out, I haven't done anything like this before, and I don't want to fail. I kind of put myself in this situation by volunteering to find out more information and I know that I am a very smart and capable person. I just need to quit freaking out and take a breath.

I am also concerned with my finances, which are always a prevelant source of worry in my mind. God has always provided even when I have failed in that area. I just need to trust Him completely.

Now, I am going to share something very personal, but a struggle that I need prayer for. I tend to take things and run with it. I have never been in a serious relationship, you might say that I have never dated, but I have had many crushes that have left me feeling hallow and empty as they have brought me some pleasure in the fantasy I create, but in the end they are no more tangable than the one before. It is almost like my mind is on automatic pilot now, and it takes my thoughts on a roller coaster ride without me wanting to go there, or maybe I do want to go there, ok ok...I want to go there, but I don't.

This situation has happened again. As many of you know I went to see Phantom of the Opera last week, and am going to see it again this weekend. It is powerful and moving, and even when we had the original soundtrack it would get into my blood...the movie and the play are very physical experiences...however, there is something else that has moved me and that is Gerard Butler who plays the Phantom. He is what you might call my new crush. My mind is swirling needless to say and I can't stop nor do I want to stop it that badly. He is a delicous man, but I pray that I will cling to God and know that He is creating a masterpiece in my life and that includes my Boaz.

I love you all, thank you for letting me go on and on. Writing is such a way to release the pressures of the day, and it is always healing for me. I love you all, and I love God so much. I praise you Jesus from whom all blessings flow.


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