You Are Always Invited

As I have mentioned to many of you I love Sara Groves. Her lyrics and powerful music have the ability to speak right to your heart. Now that I am feeling better I want to share with you just one of the many songs of hers that I love and why it means so much to me. The actual song is entitled "Every Minute" and is on the Writer's Corner. It is simply a song that brings relationships to the front of lifes journey. I am so blessed with the friends God has graced me with. I am so thankful for them and do not take a one for granted. You are all true and complete miracles in my life. I have come a long way from being a shy insecure young girl, and I know that those God has chosen to walk by my side on lifes journey entered my life right when I needed them most. I have to say thank you because you "have taught me to slow down and prop up my feet, it's the fine art of being who I am". Sometimes I cannot figure out why you have chosen to be my friend, but I am blessed to have you in my life...and you are always invited.

The other all inspiring person in my life is the author John Eldridge. He is one of the most Spiritually deep and profound authors I have ever read. He moves my soul and speaks to my heart. Doing the Sacred Romance as a devotional changed my life. I am now doing Journey of Desire as a devotional and in Chapter 8: The Grand Affair John poses the question in the Journey of Desire Journal "Who have been some of your good friends over the years? Name several of them here - and next to their names, jot down a few thoughts on why you enjoyed them as friends. Here is what I wrote...

My sisters...they are the closest and dearest people in my life. I love who they are and I am blessed to be so close to them.

Jennifer Whatley...she brought the child out in me, taught me how to live. (I love you, Robert, and the baby, Caleb auntie Melissa thinks you are the greatest!)

Cassandra Williams...we were kindred spirits (you are a blessing to me daily)

Jamie Harris...I know I am loved by her

Mary K Hensley...she speaks truth to my heart (you are my darlin precious)

Teresa Wilson...has the most beautiful spirit, there are no words

Krystal of the most amazing people I know (I miss you deeply, my heart aches)

I am so blessed to have these wonderful people in my circle of sisters. They are each true blessings and miracles in my life. What a treasure to have girlfriends in my life. I am so thankful that I am a girl. You guys move me.

...You know how you watch something, hear about something, and it really does not impact your life that much, but then all of a sudden something hits you like a brick. That is how it was with the Tsunami tragedy. I had felt sorry for those people, but never compelled until I saw a child on the screen with a sign that said, "Searching for...Mom, Dad, and two brothers." My heart broke. I will be looking into ways to help in the coming months, please if you have been compelled by this event and know of ways to help let me know.

I had a similar situation when I first became familiar with Chepoghisho Ngorinyang my World Vision child that I am sponsoring. I went to the In the Name of Love Tour with Jamie and her brother Tim and of course the same speech you seem to hear in every event such as this came up, sponsor a child. I have to admit when David Nassar began to speak I was turned off, but I was moved to tears when Todd Agnew came on stage...he had a simple truth about him, and he spoke with such honesty and straight from his heart, through his words God pierced my heart to sponsor a child. I went out at the table and Chepoghisho simply popped out at me. She is a 4 year old girl from Kenya. Please remember her and her family in your prayers. I will write more about her as I get the information. If you are interested in learning about World Vision please check out their website.

Also check our John Eldredge's wonderful website...Ransomed Heart Ministries. I am hoping that I will be able to one day go to a conference of theirs.

As I learn more about blog I hope to list these favorite sites on my page and not in my blogs. Believe it or not the books I have been reading have brought HTML back into my mind, but actually playing with the language in the blog frightens me. Until then bare with me.

I love you all. I have caught up a good deal on the things I wanted to say. I am feeling so much better thank you all for all your prayers. I will right more soon, but right now it is getting late and I have to be at church tomorrow. I am singing a duet with Jamie so please pray for me for I am terrified and my voice is not as strong from being sick.


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