The Music of the Night!

I can barely contain myself! I get to see the Phantom of the Opera for the second time with some dear friends. It is hard for me to concentrate. Today is truly going to be the best day. I am so blessed beyond measure. I am truly going to feel the music of the night and relish every moment. I promise to detail you on my second experience and give you some links to check out as well...

Things for me are going really well. We had another really great doctronial meeting, and I always learn a lot and compelled to learn more. I am slowly but surely getting things together for the Women of Faith Conference and I need to begin to plan for the Kentucky Women's Writer's Conference. I am very excited about both.

I have written in my "writing journal" two days in a row now. I cannot believe it. My wonderful Father is setting up the things needed for me to begin to edit the home videos onto DVD. I just have to now start going through the tapes and figure out what I need to put with what, and start reading the manual for the editing system on the computer. I also still need to get to campus to dub my production work onto a VHS Tape. Pray that I can begin to get these things accomplished.

Also please pray for me, I am still suffering with some health problems which might result in me still having to go to the GI doctor. I am not as worried as I would have been a few months ago, and I had a little talk with my Mom and she made me feel better. Mother's are great like that.

As usual I am at work. When am I not at work and blogging. I am waiting for a particular email from the Lexington Philharmonic which allow me to get a lot of things that I need to get done actually done. It would be great if they would send it to me.

Next weekend we go and help my sister Meredith move into her own apartment in Nashville. Exciting stuff! I absolutely love Nashville and I am always filled with excitment and joy when I travel there. It truly is, at least for me, a magical place. I have to share a quick story about that...several months back my friend and I went to visit my sister in Nashville. We went bowling one night and there was a band singing in a local bar next to the bowling ally. It immediately filled me with emotion. I was also going through a difficult time in my life, but inspired by this band trying to achieve their dreams. They were really good to. We also visited Union Station which was equally magical. I just envisioned it in its hayday, all glorious and special. A great time.

Another great place that does the same thing for me, but in a different way, is Bardstown,KY. It is awesome. I just love its rich culture and day of old feel. They also have a murder mystery train ride (Mary K are we there)! I haven't been, but I would love to go.

I just am in a rambling mood. When am I not. I love to talk or write. It is so fun and I don't really want to stop today for some reason. I am looking at the card on my office wall that Meredith got me for my birthday and it says, "I can't imagine a time when I won't have a million things to tell you." When will I not.

I think I have shared my life so far. Not a lot going on, but I am going to begin to look into some of my career goals. Please continue to pray for me, and know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers.


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