Nashville and Memphis Here I Come!

I'm going to see two of the most amazing people in the world this weekend. My sisters. I'm heading to Nashville tomorrow to visit my sister Meredith, w/ my Mom in toe. Michelle will be joining us as well. We are going to the Tim McGraw/ Faith Hill Concert on Saturday Night. Sunday we go with Michelle to her home, Memphis...can't wait, and stay until Wednesday. Then we come home, I wash, rest, and re-pack and head out that very Friday to go to Georgia to visit and bring back my Grandmother to Kentucky. So, needless to say I will be out of the blog world for awhile, but will get back as soon as I can. Love you all!


jettybetty said…
Sounds like you have a GREAT time planned!

Dawn said…
Hope you have a great time.

Just wanted to let you know I've moved to my new home now.


Have a great time:)
Gayla said…
Sounds like you've got tons 'o fun ahead of you! Have a great time and safe travels.

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