Look What Was Waiting For Me When I Got Home...

...are they not BEAUTIFUL! I needed these so much. I have had the week from Hell last week. I had to make a personal and difficult confession to my manager and assistant manager at work. I had to apologize to a co-worker. I basically puffed myself up like a blowfish and had to wiggle like a worm. I have felt rotten about myself this week, and what I've realized is that every relationship I have ever had where I have cared for them in any amount I have hurt them is some form or fashion by my judgement. I am a judgemental person, God help me! I am! I totally react before I think it through, and taking it to God...please! It really kind of scared me look back on past co-depent relationships, relationships that I destroyed, relationships I could have destroyed but because this person loves me for who I am loved me enough anyway to say I'm sticking this through...I'm scared for Monday and what it will bring. I don't want things to be changed between these individuals and me, but somehow they already are...

...me and God had a conversation, well I talked He listened on the matter today...I'm rambling because that's me, but I just ask all of you to keep me in my prayers...I am smart, funny, pretty, and nice...I promise :) Just not always that good!

Edee, the person who sent me the flowers, is such my tether(msp?)...she holds me to the truth and encourages me in ways that maybe even a really close friend couldn't...her and God have a special connection concerning me. These couldn't have come at a better time!

I love you all dearly! Later!


jettybetty said…
They are beautiful--and sounds like they did come at just the perfect time!
bjk said…
Sounds very much like a u-turn sister!! Praying for you to stay in the curve...love b
Dawn said…
They are indeed very beautiful flowers. Sometimes I read your post and it's like something I would say:) I too am guilty, but I'm learning and growing and it's ok.

Praying for you always!
Pilot Mom said…
Melissa, what a beautiful gift from a beautiful friend! And, at just the right time!

It's wonderful how the dear Lord puts those "tethers" in our life, isn't it?

If I remember correctly your last day at work is quickly approaching...I'm excited for you.

And, by your apologizing to your boss and co-workers, allows God even more freedom to work greater wonders. Remember He uses our errors also, to further His kingdom.
Gayla said…
Melissa, those are beautifu! Speaking of receiving flowers, are YOU the one who sent flowers to me??? (see my blog)

There is a phone number on the card next to my address. The are code is from Kentucky. But I don't know who they're from. It's driving me nuts. You live in KY and Kat does, but I have talked to either one of you in a while.

If is IS you, fess up!!!

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