I loved the sermon given to us last Sunday. The point of the message was, “Are you thankful for Him?” We often are thankful for all the things He gives us or provides us, especially in Western Theology, but are we thankful for the Giver of all these things. There is a beautiful song that I’ve searched for, but cannot seem to find, that says, “If He never does another thing for me, I’m going to serve Him, & praise Him…” Am I thankful for Him…that is a really excellent question? (One I’m still working on.)

But, in the midst of this Thankful Holiday I wanted to share my gratitude for the big and small things in my life ;)

1. I am so thankful for God’s Mercy…I act ‘unsaved’ most days, and I deserve a lot more punishment for my actions than I get. His justice & love truly go hand in hand. I am thankful for His love…despite me. His compassion and fearless pursuit of me & His desire to be near me…this reckless love is a deep & rich mystery…a miracle for which I am eternally grateful!

2. I’m richly blessed by my family. I love watching God move in my sisters’ lives. I often pray to own the burden of unfulfilled dreams, so that they might fulfill theirs. It isn’t an act of righteousness. It is an act of humility. I’m so blessed to just know these people; to call them family is a gift.

3. I cannot survive without the friends I do life with. Life is hard & being able to find a safe place for your heart is harder. My friends are honest, forthright, & beautiful creations. I see a glimpse of what Heaven is, the concrete reality of Christ’s love, and the genuine joy the Father has for us when I’m around them. All of my friends make me a better human being. I love them & do not take them for granted.

4. My home…I feel selfish even saying it, but nevertheless, I’m nesting beautifully. I LOVE my home. I’ve been thinking back on the long journey it has taken to get here, but as of Nov. 9th I have lived here six months. Six months…a blessing far undeserved. I feel utterly overwhelmed by it all.

5. So very thankful for my Dentist, Dr. Rex McCrary, who has shown me mercy and grace during a very difficult ordeal with my tooth. He will never fully understand what it has meant to me.

6. Rapha Ministries, who treat people like Christ…if you do not support this organization, you should, for you don’t know when you will not be able to afford insurance & have no where else to turn…they are an organization that GIVES all & expects very little in return.

7. My church family. What can I say? They build me up. They support and care. They are unbelievably loving. They are solace for a wounded heart.

8. My work…the love I have for children…the love I have for these children. The family I have gained. Wherever I go in the future the Scalf Family will have and indelible mark on my journey.

9. My LOVE for cooking…My LOVE for grocery shopping…My LOVE of good food!

10. Those that love me & those that don’t love me!


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