The Forest for the Tree!

I planted it, I watered it and fertilized it, tended and prooned it, encouraged it to grow, asked the Son to bless it and shine down upon it and now the mass of it and the darkness from its shade is blinding me from soaking up the Son. This tree of my own desires, my own ambitions, my own selfish thoughts, my frustration of how my life is going, not giving credit to God when it is SOOO do...triveling over the little things...making mountains out of mole hills. It's time to get the chain saw and do some demolition. God is the only one who can come down and do it. It's to great a mess. The leaves litter the ground and, though I try, I don't have enough trash bags to haul them off in.

I'm itchin' for something wonderful, something fantastic, an adventure. I'm seeing people go through real struggle and trial with the grace of God coursing through their veins, it makes my piddly little issues so small in comparison. I've been magnifying them. Oh, what a Kingdom I've built.

Lord, bring your chain saw, do some cutting, cut me out and engrain yourself in. Jesus, show me the real Kingdom!


Terry said…
Dear Melissa..I saw your touching comment at The Pilot- mom's.
I thought I would come and take a look at you, just quickly as I am on my way out.

I see that you like the "Love Come Softly" movies.
I do too. They are so good!
Have you seen the fourth one yet?
We got it in Canada a couple of months ago, thanks to good old Walmart!

Take care...
I will be back!
We are praying for Claire and Jim too...from Terry
Gigi said…
Dang sister.....this is the real stuff.......thanks for inspiring me to.....just thanks
Anonymous said…
Keeping you in my prayers!
Becca said…
Girl... you betcha. I've been looking for an adventure too, hence, Ireland...

but you're so good at analogies :)

Love ya
Anonymous said…
Oh my girl what a post...mountains out of mole hills...yep this post sounds like someone I know and I think you're's time to do some cutting Lord :)

Hope you're having a great week!!!!
Melissa said…
Thank you everyone, you fill my cup to overflowing!

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